The Most Strongest Marine Fort In India – Murud Janjira Fort


Are you ready to scout the strongest sea-fort in India!

Let’s swim to the beautiful fort- Murud-Janjira Fort!

This fantastic fort has found its permanent place on an island which is off from the coastal village known as Murud at Raigad district in Maharastra. Naturally, Murud is famously known for its widespread sandy beaches which thus inhabits with majestic ancient forts and also outlined by palms and coconut trees. It is a praise-worthy place for visiting and get soaked into the perfect natural scenery. In particular, Murud is incorporated with multiple resorts along with bewitching greenery waiting to mesmerize you and is also the place where you can dip your soul completely into a relaxed situation. You can also explore coolest places like sparkling golden beaches with pristine landscapes. Other than beaches, Murud offers with awe-inspiring forts such as Murud-Janjira Fort, Kasa Fort, Gol Gumbaz and few others. Murud-Janjira is known for its astonishing view and you will be spell-bound by looking at the rocky walls of the forts.  Let’s get to know about the places to visit in Murud.

How about exploring a fort which is completely encompassed with blue water and inhabited by green grasses! This is the dream place where you can explore all ancient things of the 17th century and imagine yourself traveling to one serene place in a boat, where your heart feels soothing oxygen!

MURUD-JANJIRA FORT: Literally, the majestic fort looks as if something we have seen in some fairy movies or stories. This is the must-visit place if you are traveling all along the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. Take a boat ride to the fort and witness the 17th-century paintings and instill the ancient air within you. Also, take a look at the huge cannon at this fort which is the oldest one ever.

MURAD BEACH: The beach is endowed with a different topology that welcomes you to experience the sea from many different angles. It is situated in the town of Dapoli and is the most popular tourist spot. You can enjoy the stupendous atmosphere and thrilling water sports activities like parasailing, banana boat ride and much more to soak you well into the excitement. You can witness the amazing sunrise and sunset at this location which will leave an imprint on your heart.

GARAMBI FALLS: The thunder falling drops of water from a height of 100 m will be the breathtaking moment during the monsoons. It is worth spending time over here just to witness the glorious falls. Think of the peaceful place where you can hear the chirping of birds and gushing of water which will for sure be providing tranquility in you. You can also enjoy the rushing water in the Garambi dam too.

AHMEDGANJ PALACE: This huge palace covers an area of 45 acres and is built in the amalgamation of Mughal and Gothic style of architecture. It is a wonderful place to traverse in as a passionate historical lover. It is assumed that the tomb of the palace is filled with many valuable things but no one is dared to open it. And this massive structure has seen many thrilling and tragic battles in the past. It was once inhabited by the Nawab rulers and now it is breathing to show its prideful story to the visitors.

You can also have shopping and enjoy some delicate eateries like masalas, tasty chikki, and mouthwatering barfi.

Have a blissful trip to Murud of India.

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