The Only Animal That Gives MILK As Well As Lays EGGS In The Universe


The Distinctive Creature of the universe!

One of the quirky animals on the planet, Platypus is Australia’s most beloved species and is an irrepressible creature. It is not the only animal to undergo an acid-producing part of the gut but also spiny echidnas and nearly a quarter of living fishes all have a gullet that directly connects to their intestines. A bill of the platypus is comprised of thousands of cells which provide them a sort of sixth sense which thus allows them to detect the electric fields. Did you know how platypus hunts? It hunts through the eyes, ears, and nose all closed but totally relying on the bill’s electrolocation.

Mammals that lay eggs are called monotremes and this category includes platypuses and echidnas. Both of these creatures are found mostly in Australia and are warm-blooded. Like all mammals, monotremes are covered with fur and nurse their young ones.

Here comes the fact that the female platypuses have more extensive burrows than the males because that is where they rear their young ones. The interesting fact is that the eggs develop in the mother’s body for nearly 28 days. Like other creatures, the eggs are then laid in the burrow and the female ones curl around them to provide warmth. Later, they hatch into bean-sized infants. As the mother platypuses do not have nipples, their milk comes from the pores in their skin and collects in grooves on their stomachs. The infant platypuses only lap their milk instead of sucking it and the babies are ready to come out of the burrow and learn to swim only after four months. This makes the mammal a distinctive one in the universe.

The most unusual thing about the male platypuses is that they have venomous spurs on their back legs which are called ankle spurs. The venom is said to be strong enough to kill a small animal such as a dog yet it is not venomous enough to kill a human. Although it is not capable enough to kill a human, it causes extreme pain which can last for days or even months. However, the venom is believed to be used during the mating season, when the males compete for females. With these interesting facts about the platypuses, you could see it once in a lifetime but you should be cautious of this distinctive creature.

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