The Queendom of Daughters Where Men Can Never Be The Boss


Meet the real bosses right here! The Queendom of Women is completely true and possible!

Ever since the world has been created, there has been this conflict between men and women. The equity of men and women is the most important issue which has been going for years and years. When it comes to “family”, it is men who have a high position. It is men who have been represented as the providers and protectors and not women themselves. All this while, women have been meeting gender discrimination and have been a fight for gender equality. Even in great epics, men looked down the women as the weaker sex. But today, the concept and the battle of equality for women is started to echo everywhere. Still, it has not witnessed its end but the world has started to realize that everyone is equal. Though women like to create their own kingdom, some might fail to do it and some might succeed in it. To our surprise, we have a place where we could experience the power of women. The kingdom of women is right here in the valleys of the Himalayas where the Mosuo Tribe lives.  `

The land where you could breathe the true power of women! This region that lies on the tranquil valleys of the Himalayas is also known as “The Kingdom of Women” and also referred to as the last matriarchal societies in the world. For centuries, the tribes have been living on the banks of Lugu Lake and the borders of the lake are China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces which are 2700 m above the sea level. Meanwhile, the Government of China did not even recognize the Mosuo people and not as a minority group as the population is very small. It is mainly due to the remoteness of the region, the people could easily protect their customs and these customs are very much unique and it could not be practiced other than this particular region.

Their customs are weird as that of veneration of dogs and they even believe that dogs had a lifespan of 60 years and mankind live only for 13 years respectively. According to their belief, mankind and dogs have traded their life spans and thus mankind has pledged to offer due respect to dogs in return. How unusual their custom is!

What happens when it comes to marriage? It must also be completely weird. Women of this society do not consider marriage as an achievement and they even feel as if men do not complete them anyway. So, they inhabit a unique tradition of “walking marriages” or zouhan. In this marriage, as per the invitation, men visit the house of women and stay in a designated room called ‘flower room’ and men leave to their home in the daytime. However, this particular custom could happen many times and none would be bothered to know the father of a child when a woman gets pregnant. Couples do not live together and the children would be brought up the female’s family. And the girls of the tribe are also enjoying the complete liberty of choosing their lovers and they even have few lovers as per their wish during their lifetime.

When it comes to inheriting the properties, it would be transformed from the mother to the lady of the houses and thus providing all the liberty and authority to the women. Thus, you could explore and wonder at this unique place of real bosses of the world and their unusual culture as well.

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