The Rare of The Rarest Blood Group You Never Knew



Have you ever heard of Bombay Blood Group?

Generally, we believe that the rare blood group is ‘O’ Negative, which is considered to be very difficult to get as it is found only in selected people in the world. But what if there is the rarest blood group than ‘O’ negative blood group? Yes! The rarest blood group is known as Bombay Blood Group and is called Rare of the Rarest Blood Group. This Rare of the Rarest Blood Group is found only in one of the million people. It is good to donate blood and when it comes to donating blood, the doctor examines the blood group of the donor. Generally, the blood groups are of 4 types which are as follows like A, B, AB and O. Yet another blood group in this list is the ‘Bombay Blood Group’.

The Bombay Blood Group is also known as Oh or Hh blood group and was first discovered in Bombay, presently Mumbai by Dr. Y.M.BHENDE in 1952. It is mostly found in South Asia and also in Middle East parts. This particular type of blood group is found only in 0.0004 percent of the population in the world. In India, only one person amongst 10,000 people has Bombay Blood Group and the reason why it is called so is just that it was first found in some people of Bombay. The Hh blood group contains one antigen, in which the H antigen is found on all RBCs and is known to be the building block for the production of the antigens within the ABO blood group. And the Red Blood Cells of this group of blood contain ABH antigens, as well as their sera, which contains anti-A, anti-B, and anti-H, where anti-H has not been found in ABO Blood Group yet it has been detected in the Pre-transfusion test. This H antigen acts as a building block in the ABO Blood Group whereas the lack of H antigen is known as ‘Bombay Phenotype.’

A person with a Bombay Blood Group can give blood to an ABO Blood Group person. Yet the Bombay Blood type persons could not receive blood from ABO Blood Group. They can only receive blood from their blood type which is Hh blood type. Often, the blood group is found in people with a close blood relation.  And the persons who hold this type of phenotype in Bombay will only be 0.01 percent. That’s how the rare of the rarest blood group is found!

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