To Live Positive Or Negative, Choice Is Yours, Says Sangeetha Bijlani


An empty mind is the house of the devil. Life is all about perception negative versus positive. Actor Sangeetha Bijlani sharing her opinion on the same penned down a few lines on her Instagram.

In her post, she stated that it depends upon the person how one makes his life. And how one wishes to see things, positive or negative.

The Instagram feed of Sangeetha read, “Are we looking or are we seeing? Are we looking at the light or are we reflecting the light? Are we exuding calm and happiness or are we giving out anger and hatred? Are we wanting to see negativity in everything or are we wanting to see positivity in everything? Choice is yours, what you make of your life and circumstances, and how you wish to see things!!! Positively OR Negatively???”

Sangeetha is a fitness freak too! She keeps posting her gorgeous close-up shots on Instagram. She shares her gym videos to inspire her fans.

Sangeeta Bijlani kick-started her acting career in 1988 after winning the Miss India crown in 1980. She played a leading character in ‘Qatil’ and went on to star in blockbuster hits like ‘Tridev’, ‘Jurm’, ‘Yodha’ among others.

Sangeeta also appeared in various commercial ads including, the popular Nirma ad.

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