launches World’s 1st Next-Gen Global B2b Online Trade – Enabling Platform

0 the World’s First Next-Generation B2B Platform has taken the world by storm as it not only provides leads to businesses but has also disrupted the entire world by changing the way businesses are done. in complete alignment with our honorable PM Modi’sAtmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan promotes domestic and foreign trade in bulk that follows the guidelines of ‘Make in India’, ‘Vocal for local’ and ‘local for global’ as it looks to uproot Chinese B2B Global Platform and create a TRANSPARENT AND MEDIATOR-FREE INDIA as its motto is to have Transparency With Secrecy. Its business model is in synergy with the vision of making India a self-reliant and self-sustaining powerhouse.

In the wake of an emerging global began with an honest intent to bridge the gap between the buyers and the sellers and eliminate the influence of the middlemen and the brokers by bringing in a B2b Digital Marketplace that facilitates uninterrupted local and foreign trade in bulk between buyers and sellers on a digital platform.

JK Arora , CEO,  said ,” that we have revamped the usual market rules of global trade by cutting down the costs of the commodities for the buyer In Real-Time so that MORE GETS DONE IN LESS TIME WHILE USING FEWER RESOURCES. The price is unveiled while the negotiation is still on. We have eliminated the hassle of making phone calls or sending out emails at the start of a business deal. In a limited span of three years we have been able to generate business of 18 billion by enabling trade between 200,000 buyers and 20,000 sellers with zero-ground staff across 65 countries serviced by manufacturers based out of 14 countries universal selling points are not only restricted to cutting out the middlemen in business deals but also in providing cheaper online solutions for buyers and sellers as an alternative to traditional means of communications which are in place. It serves as the first-ever enquiry-to-delivery trade enablement platform acting as a direct interface between actual buyers and sellers. It provides a healthy alternative to Chinese B2B Global Platform as a result of being in complete compliance with India’s trading guidelines.An absolute state-of-the-art Digital Interface for buyers and sellers that supports Real-Time Negotiation without the need for phone calls or emails. A 175-member team and a network of 20,000 verified sellers across 14 countries, including India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ukraine, Brazil, and Ethiopia make aone-of-a-kind, powerful and promising platform to reckon with that appears to stand the test of time. Presently having Headquarters in Noida, Delhi-NCR, India and ground staff presence in 3 more countries- Dubai, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Tradologie.comis very shortly opening offices in 15 more countries.

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