Unbelievable! Do You Know These Animals Practicing Homosexuality!



Homosexual behavior has been recorded in over 450 varieties of animals worldwide.

For instance, Adelie penguins of the same sex engage in “mating rituals like entwining their necks and vocalizing to one another.”

Lizards belonging to genus Teiidae, can mate with both males and females.

Laysan Albatrosses are known to be lesbian.

The world knows that there is a practice of homosexuality amongst humans but what if animals practice homosexuality? But researches unveil that a wide range of animals is practicing homosexual relationships. Animals often leave us in bombshell shock because of its implausible factors. And this might include same-sex sexual activity, courtship, affection, pair-bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs as well.

Here is the list of few animals which practice homosexuality in nature.

GIRAFFES: Here comes the elongated neck creature named giraffe where the young male giraffes before mating with the females, they would engage in homosexual activities. The activities might include neck massaging, animalized hugs and tongue kissing and they go through body contact as well. The reason behind the activity is explained that it is to develop a familiarity with the mating techniques before mating with the females, as per the scientists.

AFRICAN LIONS: Even lions can be gay? We do know that African lions are considered to be the traditional rulership. The interesting fact is that certain groups of lions might abandon the females and it is just to mate with the same-sex group. And it is recorded the male lions have been mounting other males and other different behaviors. Lions are inhabited with the strongest sex drive of any other cat species. And the reason for the gathering of male lions is unknown yet.

BONOBOS: Being humanity’s closest relative, Bonobos literally resembles the miniature chimpanzees. It is also known as the world’s intelligent animals and is good-natured though. These creatures are popular for using a language of love than using a language of aggression, which helps resolve problems and to have good communication with each other. Homosexual bonding amongst these animals is something that occurs frequently. Activities might happen to increase the social standing amongst the females whereas play-fight based approach might be used by males.

WESTERN GULLS: Like albatross, Western gulls also more closely related to puffins. Because albatrosses involve in the mating amongst females and the gulls do express mounting behaviors.

DRAGONFLIES: Highly evolved predators, dragonflies are demonstrative and involve in tremendous in-flight ballets and serious sensual encounters with each other. Further researches have revealed that the dragonflies will not only mate with the opposite sex but it unveils that it can mate with same-sex dragonflies. It is too difficult for the researcher to dismantle the reasons behind the same gender pairings among such tiny insects.

BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS: Did you know that dolphins hold the top level of animal intelligence? Yes! When compared to both chimpanzees and humans in cognitive and social abilities, Dolphins are more intelligent one than others. It is documented that dolphins do have numerous same-sex hook-up. Even researchers found that a pair of 17-years of relationship and also a whole husk of dolphins which is completely comprised of males who were not devoid of romantic experiences. It is also considered to be the strongest one and dolphins also enjoy the lovely contact with the same sex and the opposite sex as well.

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