Unbelievable! The Oldest Ever Face Mask Known To Womankind


Essential Concoction of  Ayurveda – UBTAN! – Removes facial hair, Gives a Glowing skin and Pretty hot young look

Some of us would not have heard about the natural ubtan and it might be alien-product to them. How many of you know that ubtan is the oldest and purest form of cosmetic which was ever created. It could do wonders to your face by caressing the skin and rejuvenating as well. With its powerful effect, Ubtan is used in our Indian wedding ceremony and makes the big day a magically glowing one.

Ubtan is nothing but a sacred ayurvedic cosmetic which is inhabited by healing properties. Centuries back, it is considered to be one of the most sacred ayurvedic ingredients and is prepared naturally by mixing herbs and essential oils. Being the perfect cleansing agent, Ubtan is one time made with ground legumes. “As per Ayurveda, ubtan should be made following your dhosa or the imbalances of the body, which leads to skin damage or ruptures.” Ayurvedically dhosas are categorized into Vatta, Pita, and Kapha.

Ubtans for

– Vatta dhosa help moisturize the skin and used for normal body temperatures.

– Pitta facial ubtans are essentially used for cooling effects on the skin so that they flush out the heat and other heat-related things out of your skin.

– Kapha facial ubtans help stimulate the natural flow of body fluids.

PREPARATION OF UBTAN: Ubtan, the herbal paste is made using milk or milk powder, gram flour or besan powder, almond powder, turmeric, milk cream, lemon juice and rose water. You could see the list of ingredients found at home and it has multiple benefits as well.


OFFERS CLEAR SKIN: Skin problems are common amongst people such as uneven skin or pigmentation or acne scars and other related issues. With the help of ubtan, you could cease the problem and get clear and flawless skin which you wished. It acts as a shield to protect our body from the exposure of the sun.

HELPS YOU TO LOOK YOUNGER: When you search for information about ubtans, you will just get the image of the yellow mixture naturally. As turmeric is one of the main ingredients in ubtan, it gives the yellow appearance. This is known for it’s anti-inflammatory,anti-aging and anti-oxidative properties which makes the skin look youthful by retaining the diminished moisture from the skin and also treats the dry skin.

HELPS IN REMOVING FACIAL HAIR: Did you ubtan helps in removing the facial hair? Yes! a gentle and regular facial scrub of ubtan can assist in removing the facial hair naturally without any harm. Earlier, infants were massaged with special ubtans to remove their body hair permanently.

GIVES YOU MAGICAL GLOW: This natural face mask is induced with the numerous benefits. By applying it regularly, it sprinkles the skin with fresh and hydrated. Naturally, gram flour is an amazing exfoliator, along with the sandalwood powder makes the skin smooth. Additionally, the presence of milk assist in lightening the dark spots on the skin and makes it look brighter and glowing ever.

PROVIDES YOU A TONED SKIN: The naturally colored sandalwood powder will act as a natural astringent for your beautiful skin. By using it regularly, it actively helps in tightening the pores and further gives the skin a firm and healthy appearance. It also prevents and treats acne on your skin.

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