Langkawi – Visualizing the archipelago of 99 Islands


Langkwai is otherwise called the Langkawi, the gem of Kedah. It bestows the 99 islands in the Andaman ocean which is about the 30 km off the principle place where there is Malaysia. Langkwai is known for its charming perspective on nature which is spread as somewhat blue-green shading as shorelines and woodland. Fly into the somewhat blue-green air and experience the genuine fun over the place that is known for islands. Island is a distinctive and satisfying one on the planet. It could mesmerize the guests by its environment and spread its serene air on the face. The spot of vacation destination and furthermore the spot of common favors that are seen in Malaysia!

The splendid places that attract tourists are as follows:

Langkwai Sky Cab – The Langkwai sky cab is officially opened in 2003. It provides the link between the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau and the peak of Gunung Machinchang which is also the location of Sky Bridge. It covers 2.2 km and about 15 minutes ride in the cab. It closes at 7 pm in the evening. You could view the total area of nature that has been widely spread in the place.

Street foods at Night Markets – Street foods can be found right across the island and it will provide the mouthwatering seafood. You could also enjoy the holidays with delicious seafood all day and it would be opened at 5 pm in the evening and later.

Jetski Island Hopping – It is pleasurable to have the island hopping and tour island for hours which would give you the tranquil feel. Explore the calmness in the water.

Skytrex Adventure – It is the ‘must-try’ list of the visitors located on the enclosure of the Burau Bay which could give the thrilling experience amidst the serene greenery.

Kilim Karst Geoforest park – It exhibits the mangrove forest, lagoons and beaches, and other river tour and also features the floating restaurant. A pleasure giving place to be visited by all.

Parasailing – Parasailing over the island would give the experience of flying amidst the air and you could witness how beautiful nature has been at the place by overviewing the land of water.

To wander along the rice paddies – The real atmosphere of growing the rice paddies and discover the fields of the rice paddies along with natural scenes. It also provides lunch and dinner at the place and you could also have a pleasant lunch or dinner at a natural place.

The beaches – Explore the beaches at Langkwai and view the sunset in the evening or sunrise in the early morning.

Sky bridge – It is spotted at the end of the sky cab ride and it is one of the highlights of the island. It is 410 ft long pedestrian curved bridge above the Mount Machinchang. The experience of the bridge would be like crossing from one mountain to another ahead amidst the natural scenes. You could feel cool on the bridge and wear sweaters or other thick clothes to stay in the serene coolness.

3D Museum Art in Paradise – This is the museum which would make you fall for it and capture the moments with 3D effects.

Do not delay for a second and fly for Langkwai!

Experience serenity within you and archipelago is awaiting for you!

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