What Lipstick Suits You? Choose Your Perfect Lipstick With These Easy Tips.


How To Find The Lipstick Meant For You:

The wrong shade of lipstick can easily ruin even the most perfectly symmetrical face but it can also be the right shade of lipstick that enhances the natural features of another face. It’s important for each woman to figure out what works and doesn’t work for her, especially in the case of lipstick: the vibe we want to go for is glam chic not Joaquin Phoenix as the joker (yes, the wrong shade of lipstick is that dangerous).

A key component to finding the right shade is figuring out what tone your skin is, that is, if it is warm toned or cool-toned. If you look at the veins in your wrist area you will find that these are pretty good indicators of your skin tone. If your veins show through your skin in a blue-ish hue then you’ve got cool-toned skin and chances are you’re on the paler side with rosy undertones. If your veins show through your skin in a green-ish hue then you’ve got warm toned skin which is naturally golden or brown with yellow undertones. If your veins show through as an in between, a barely here or there shade of turquoise then you’ve got a mid tone.

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Now let’s take red lipstick as the prototype. Everybody loves the classic red, it’s elusive, glamorous and instantaneously takes even a casual denim jeans and T-Shirt look to the next level.

If your red lipstick has tints of blue in it- the colours can range from shades such as deep red to an almost violet colour and if you have warm toned skin then that red isn’t the way to go. If your red lipstick has an orange tint to it and if you have cool, pale toned skin then take the previously mentioned advice.

To put it more simply, cool toned skin types should opt for lipsticks with blue undertones- violets, pinks, magentas and crimsons. Warm toned skin types should go for shades of earthy reds, browns, oranges and peachy tones.

Now there are some lipsticks that are specially designed to suit everybody introduced by companies like Maybeline and MAC, these have enough blue and orange tints in it to compliment both warm and cool toned skins. The ever-coveted Dior 999 is beauty staple so if you’re willing to splurge on some rouge for your pout then this is the way to go.

Another important dimension in the lipstick colour field is the nudes. The nude lipstick is an every day essential- important for the professional, formal occasions in one’s life- taupes and beiges and everything in between.

Cool toned or fairer skins can opt for a nude that’s light and fresh with a pinkish hue, if you go for a warmer tone you might look like you’ve covered your lips with foundation which kind of erases the point of using lipstick, quite literally. Neutral toned skin can go for a safe middle zone. Warm tones should steer clear of cooler, lighter shades as that puts them at risk of looking washed out-bowns, caramels and oranges work miracles beauty miracles.

Whatever the shade is, or the formula and texture of the lipstick wear it with confidence and you’re ready to take on the world.

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