What WOMEN Really Notice About MEN On Their First Date


GUYS! 6 Key Things WOMEN Notice About Men On Their FIRST DATE!

First of all, What’s the real meaning of dating? With a preconceived notion aside, the date is all about getting to know about each other better. Perhaps, your woman might not fall for you the very first sight itself or on the first date. Well, it takes time to realize your lady has fallen for you. However, women, in general, might discern a few things about their partner on a first date. Definitely, it is not gonna be a guy’s luxurious car or high lifestyle but his behavior matters and it thus sprinkles good lovely impression on a woman. Woman value your behavior more than the branded pieces of stuff which you own. Let’s now peer into things that women notice on a first date.

HUMOR SENSE: Just give her the feel of relaxation! A guy need not be a great comedian or star performer in comedy whereas he should inhabit a foundational sense of humor and few witty sense would work. A woman would enjoy the humor stuff in common and are welcoming one.

HYGIENE MATTERS: Well, Your hygiene speaks a lot than yourself. With dirty nails, untrimmed beard, body odor and scruffy hair you could never turn your first impression as your best impression in front of your girl. So, personal hygiene matters the most in a date and make sure it should never turn off your girl.

ARM MUSCLES DO LITTLE: Of course, Arm muscles are not essential for women to clasp attraction. Being a sporting guy, your woman would notice your arm muscles in this case and there are chances too.

EYE CONTACT: So, ‘where are you looking at often?’ portrays about you to your lady. The places where you look at while you are having a conversation with a woman could build your relationship further or break it. It would not be a good deal if you are looking around others, or scrolling your mobile phone and failing to maintain eye contact with your lady.

THE WAY YOU TREAT OTHERS: Well, women often notice a man’s conversation with others. So, guys, if you treat other people down or if you call a waiter with supreme attitude then it would expose your disrespectful behavior and short-tempered one.

A GOOD PAIR OF FOOTWEAR: Even before your clothes, women mostly prefer to notice her man’s shoes or a good pair of footwear. And if you are not aware of what you are wearing, it would exhibit you as a lazy person in front of your girl.

Guys! If you are expecting a wonderful cherishing date, then do remember this in advance and do unkempt your first date though!

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