Winter collection by Nino Bambino


With winter around the corner, there is so much to do this season. Even in a pandemic, kids need cute and warm winter wear to stay warm while enjoying all the holiday fun. Babies are highly susceptible to winter harshness, and they cannot generate heat like adults, thus making them more prone to catching winter-related health issues more quickly. It is important that the baby is well protected from head to toe while heading out or staying indoors.

Also, kids today are fashion conscious. With fashion, it is also important to ensure that they stay warm and protected throughout the winter. Here is the winter collection for kids; a perfect blend of warmth and trend: 

  1. Nino Bambino 100% organic cotton Romper – This cozy romper is made from super soft cotton with open feet, this road-worthy number is perfect for keeping the little one warm in all their journeys. The romper is Soft, Comfortable, and made from 100% organic Cotton, which is why it is stretchy and lightweight. With full sleeves and round neck, kids will remain comfortable all day long.

INR- 999/-

  1. Nino Bambino 100% Organic Cotton Grey Melange Color Round Neck Sweatshirt For baby girls- Girls of any age, be it 17 or 1, fashion is their thing. With a round neck and full sleeves, this sweatshirt made with 100% organic cotton will protect the baby girls from cold and keep them warm.

INR – 999/-

  1. Nino Bambino Pink Full Sleeves Waist Coat For Girls-  Ideal Winter Warmth-Provides better comfort when the temperature begins to drop, to keep the kids warm, this waistcoat made of high-quality material ensuring to keep the child warm and comfortable. So, let your little ones flaunt their craziness in this attractive waistcoat with eye-pleasing color and adorable design.

INR- 1,199/-

  Nino Bambino 100% Organic Cotton Sweatshirt With Hoodie-  This hoodie is perfect for cuddling up when it feels like the ice age. Finished in soft cotton fabric with ribbed cuffs to stay warm as they go from one adventure to the next.

INR- 1,299/-

  1. Nino Bambino 100% Organic Cotton Round Neck Long Sleeve Zip Romper- Rompers are most comfortable wear for babies and mostly are safe due to the bodysuit pattern; covers the most.  It is made with 100% organic cotton to keep the baby’s skin rash-free.

INR- 999/-

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