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“Ethnicity.in” a clothing destination of Indian vibrancy, is an amalgamation of prints, patterns, textures, and colors, inspired by the rich culture across India. It is a cornucopia of exclusive Indian wear for women and men, who love style. Your go-to omnichannel Indian wear brand Ethnicity is 100 percent made by local artisans who have mastered their craft and are well versed in traditional Indian art forms. We are truly Indian at heart, have always advocated being #VocalForLocal as our mantra, because India is steeped in history; a history waiting to be discovered by its citizens.

Sourced from various parts within India, Ethnicity is helping these artisans grow, by encouraging ‘karigari’ and giving young India the joy of adorning them. All the raw materials and surface ornamentation used to embellish Ethnicity’s impeccable outfits, are sourced from across the country and manufactured exclusively in India.

The ensembles at Ethnicity are curated keeping in mind the Indian consumer with a modern mindset. There is a touch of élan synonymous with Indian craftsmanship in all the collections, be it in the style, cut, or design of the garments. Ethnicity has attires inspired by cultures from each state in India, ranging from the Kota Mahal collection inspired by the artistry and the usage of Mughal bhuttas and jaal prints of Rajasthan, to the vibrant karigari in the Kathiawadcollection which comprises of lively fusion dresses as a tribute to the rich history of Kathiawad, inspired by the Kutchi culture. The able work elevates the design of the dresses and adds an earthy and exuberant touch to them. The Kutchi Bharat motifs on breathable cotton and rayons, define the true essence of the collection, giving it an air of uniqueness.

Ameet Panchal, CEO, Ethnicity, remarks “Our rich Indian culture has so much to offer, with Indians feeling most comfortable in Indian wear, be it at the office or for work from home. Festivities are complete when the mood is set with the clothes of our origin, but with a modern twist. At ethnicity.in we offer just that. ‘Vocal for Local’ is a trend we believe in, the perfect bundi or a short Kurti can make a powerful statement.”

India’s culture is impeccable, and at Ethnicity, it is the source of our ideas with our skillful artisans supporting us to make our designs come alive. An Indian wardrobe for men and women is one where the sensuality of Kathiwad merges with the designs of Pushkar.

While we believe in bringing the best in Indian fashion to you, we also consider the safety of our consumers of utmost importance. To dispel fear regarding the current times we live in, Ethnicity ensures a daily check on our warehouse and with stringent sanitation protocols being followed. Our delivery process follows all sanitation measures and every order is monitored from the moment it has been placed to the time the delivery reaches your doorstep.

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