WooHoo! What Would Happen If The ‘SUN DISAPPEARED’?



Have you ever thought of a day without the sun?

Or what would happen if the sun disappears immediately?

Every day our elders or our parents would advise us to stand under the early morning sun. As the morning sun rays are healthy to our body, we could stand in the barefoot under the sun. Every morning, we would open all the windows of our house to let the sunlight get into the house to kill the germs present inside. So, we are all beneficiaries of the sun and then here is a question what would we feel if there is no sun or it vanishes suddenly?

We could not imagine a day without light or living under a dark sky. However, it is the sun that draws all the other planets in the solar system towards it. It is due to the presence of the sun, the earth and the other planets move at a very fast rate. So, if in case, the sun disappears then the earth and other planets would go back to their forward motion and fly off in outer space in a straight line.

What happens to the earthly figures? Well, when the planets fly off in a straight line, we, the earthly figures would get lost in space like the sun that disappears suddenly. Did you know what scientist explains about Earth and its position? Scientists who studied the origins of life on Earth and the perfect position of the Earth from the distance of the Sun are what make the life to have existed on earth. Our life is possible on earth because of the Sun’s position and without the sun’s heat, our earth would suddenly turn out to be a colder place. Meanwhile, if there is no sun, the moon would also vanish from our sight suddenly as we only see the moon because of the sunlight reflects off it.

Assuming what would happen when the sun disappears suddenly, no one has a clear idea of the exact happenings after the disappearance of the sun. Scientists only find that the temperature would drop below -17 degrees Celsius and it would probably continue to drop further, which would make us incapable to withstand. So, life without sun is unimaginable and it might even put our lives in dangerous situations.

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