Yaay! Today is World Samosa Day!


“Never hurt a Samosa, Vada or Kachori by saying a big NO… Because they too have FILLINGS inside!”

We all know that September 5th is the TEACHER’S DAY and wishing our teachers ‘A Happy Teachers Day’. Yet it is a delicious day too because it is on the same day we recognize as World Samosa Day. It is indispensable that almost every one of us would have tasted the mouthwatering and crunchy samosa in our life. And if you never had one, sorry! You are missing the best and tastiest snack. The foremost thing you need to know about Samosas is they are filled with a fried dish filled with onions, peas, potatoes, cheese, in some cases beef or lamb which provides a unique taste in the world. As of now, they are becoming popular in the United States and the World Samosa Day gravitate you to try them out irrespective of the places. Let’s get to know about the traditionally tastiest snack!

Imagine you have driven to the riverside place with your pals to inhale a fresh ambience and soak your soul with the rushing waters of the river! You have found a tiny traditional snack shop where the village man provides you hot crispy little pockets of palatable love! You can enjoy every bite of the hot crispy Samosas with your pals along with the toxic-free ambience! Bet you, it will be one of the best days of your life.

So, Samosas found their origins in the Middle East and between the 13th and 14th century which were brought by traders to India and thus, it became incredibly famous in India. Present days, they can be prepared at homes and also found at fancy restaurants and even from the roadside vendors which are fried fresh in vegetable oil. So, their favorable shell is prepared by using wheat or maida flour and then they are stuffed with the traditional mashed potato, onions, green peas with regional spices. The taste varies according to the places it has been prepared.

And the World Samosa Day is best celebrated by engrossing in these uniquely delicious fried snacks. You will be satisfied with every delectable bite of the year-old snack. It must be a good combination along with tea or coffee. A sip and a bite worth it all! Just get out and try them out now! And it’s a perfect day to enjoy every bite since it’s World Samosa Day!

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