Your-Space and Plush Work Towards Better Feminine Hygiene


Your-Space, India’s premier hostel brand associates with Plush to bring comfiest period care to girls

In a bid to burst myths related to menstruation and make Aunty Flo’s visit comfiest for the students living at Your-Space, the hostel brand has announced an association with Plush, an emerging sanitary napkin brand.

Your-Space and Plush work towards better feminine hygiene

India has a bustling population of 133 crores and women constitute 48% of this population. It becomes vital to educate all women on non-degradable sanitary napkins and change the way women approach comfort on their periods. Your-Space, in association with Plush, distributed boxes of sanitary pads amongst the girls at their facilities. Girls got their hands on Plush’s cruelty-free and 100% Pure US Cotton Pads. Not only are these pads made with the best quality raw materials, they also abide by ethical standards, thereby ensuring the utmost kindness towards the planet.

Commenting on this association, Nidhi Kumra, CEO and Co-founder, Your-Space said, “We are exhilarated to join hands with Plush that stands proud as one of the pioneers in promoting the salience of menstrual hygiene. This move by Your-Space aims to bring to light that every woman deserves best quality products to tackle menstruation and comfortable experience even in a seemingly uncomfortable time. We truly believe that Plush is heralding the influx of comforting period care in India, and beyond. Comforting period care no longer needs to be myth or wallet piercing, and Plush’s users stand testament to that.”

Prince Kapoor at Plush expressed his thoughts saying, “Your-Space is an enthusiastic young brand and we are elated to have associated with them to revolutionize the way femme care is approached. We are glad our products are reaching the right people through the right channel. Your-Space is a proponent of women empowerment which makes it a perfect platform to voice our opinions. Partnering with Your-Space is an obvious extension for our BloodSisters community that we own.”

An IIM – Cambridge – Oxford alumni initiative, Your-Space is a built-to-suit student housing facility that offers top-class accommodation. Your Space fosters holistic living through carefully chosen facilities and services by creating a jovial atmosphere. The company stands out in the cluttered paying guests and hostel rooms market by introducing the use of paperless technology to store data, biometric access that enhances safety and security, laundry services and multi-cuisine menu to suit the individual palate of the students. They are currently located across 7 cities at 21 places and aim to grow by crossing the mark of 75,000 beds across India.

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