5 Ancient Diwali Sweets to Prepare at Home

Diwali, one of the largest festivals in India, will be celebrated on October 24, 2022, and the nation is starting to jubilantly celebrate it. Beautiful diyas, lights, and rangoli are used to decorate every house, market, and other building. Food is one of the most significant aspects of this significant festival. Diwali is an important time for feasting, just like other Indian holidays, and people eat as much as they want of everything, from decadent curries to traditional sweets. Most of what has consumed consists of sweet foods, including traditional and ancient Indian desserts. If you’re one of those people who looks forward to Diwali primarily to satisfy their sweet tooth, we have some of the best traditional and Anxiety Diwali sweets that you should make.

Ancient Diwali Sweets to prepare at home:

A Jilebi is one of the most well-known and traditional Diwali treats, as well as one of the best foods you’ll ever eat. Although this traditional sweet is primarily widely known in the northern region of India, people in South India also enjoy devouring them. Jilebi is a deep-fried, sugar-syrup-soaked Indian sweet that is sweet, gooey, and irresistible. Saffron or occasionally artificial colourings are used to give the batter its characteristic yellow colour. Typically, chickpea flour is used to make the batter to prepare this sweet.

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Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns have evolved into a national sweet in India in recent years. You will be able to find these delightful heaven balls wherever you go, each one perfectly stuffed with sweetness and joy. Gulab jamun is deep-fried dumplings that are then covered in sugar syrup that has been flavoured with rose water. They are frequently referred to as Indian doughnuts. One small, intensely sweet dumpling will be sufficient to quell your desire, except, of course, you have a serious sweet tooth.


Perhaps the oldest and most traditional Diwali treat that you should never skip is kheer. People typically assume that food will be difficult to prepare whenever they hear the words “ancient” or “food” together. But Kheer completely changes that. Kheer is a rich, cardamom-flavoured Indian rice pudding that is frequently made with raisins and sliced blanched almonds. Saffron is frequently added to it to make it more festive for special occasions like weddings or Diwali.


Do you enjoy milk, almonds, and coconuts? In that case, making barfi should be your first traditional Diwali treat this holiday season. They are incredibly melty and give you the impression that joy is something you have never felt before. Indian dessert barfi, which resembles fudge and is typically cut into diamond or square shapes, is accomplished with condensed sugar and milk. (but not only). There are frequently added ingredients like coconut, almonds, pistachios, and edible silver leaf. Aside from that, making this one is also fairly simple.

Rava Coconut Ladoo

Since the Pandemic, we are confident that you have heard of a typical ladoo and perhaps even attempted to make one at home at least once. But have you ever attempted to make the Ragi Coconut Ladoo, another type of traditional dessert? If you haven’t already, you should do so right away. Coconut ladoo is a warm, comforting sweet treat that is perfect for the onset of winter. It has all the awesomeness of powdered coconut and ragi flour, as well as the delicious crunch of peanuts and the flavour of jaggery.

There are obviously more popular and traditional Diwali sweets that you can choose to make if you want. Because there are so many varieties of sweets in India. But if you are choosing to prepare any of these above-mentioned Diwali sweets, do let us know!

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