Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Love Solo Travelling

Travelling and exploring is indeed great with company but sometimes should try travelling alone. Especially to unknown places or destinations. Solo travelling helps you to see the world from a new perspective. If you are someone who loves challenging yourself to new possibilities, here are the top 10 reasons why you will love solo travelling.

Stepping out of your comfort zone feels amazing

We tend to stick to comfortable things in life. Solo travelling will push you out of your comfort zone because you have to interact with new people to go around the new place, you will have to figure out the local cuisine and find new activities or places to hang out. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. You will soon learn the tricks to interact with new people or to find your way in the new city once you put yourself out there. It’s only the first step that’s hard, everything will fall into place after that. Once you experience the thrill of the new experience you would only want to experience more things out of your comfort level.

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Meeting and becoming friends with new people comes easy

One of the main perks of solo travel is that you can meet a lot of new people when you travel. Be it the locals or a new guy/girl you met at the pub. Talking to people from different backgrounds, and different places with interesting stories enriches your travel experience. There’s nothing like listening to the history of the city or a landmark from a local who has lived there for decades, you get to soak in the true experience of the place.

You learn to enjoy your own company

It’s not often that you find yourself alone in a new place. The best thing about travelling alone is you get all the time to focus on yourself. You can choose to spend time with yourself by journaling, reading, and reflecting on your life and your decisions. You can create your dream vision board with a complete revamp of your surroundings. Take a step back and think about yourself and yourself only. Be selfish and reflect if things are aligned as per your wish and see if you can figure out a plan to do things your way. Enjoy being with your own thoughts and yourself. You can also indulge in spa treatments or dive right into adventure sports to have a wild time.

You become a better problem solver

When travelling solo, there’s no one to fall back on when things go south. Or when you have to figure out a sentence in a completely new language. It is okay to make mistakes, you learn from your experience. When you learn to handle situations differently than you would normally, you become an awesome problem solver. Just keep an open mind and you will have a great story to tell your friends and family about how you resolved all the hiccups during your solo travel.

You learn to better manage your finances

Since you are travelling alone, you have to manage all your finances on your own. This can be scary to a few, but making an excel sheet or a budget sheet before your travel with all the necessary expenses will give you a fair idea of your travel expenditure. Make sure to give room in your budget for buying souvenirs and other sudden purchases. Learning to budget is a life skill and it will help you throughout your life.

You can master confidence and socialize

When you travel with a buddy or family or a group of friends, you tend to depend on them for certain things. You won’t feel confident enough to try out the new things in the locality. Whether it is some kind of new sport, activities, or even food, you will expect some kind of cheer up to gain confidence. You will finally gain enough confidence to fully enjoy yourself in the moment without needing anybody if you travel alone.

Additionally, you get to socialize with new people all the time. When you travel with someone or a group you won’t feel the need to make new friends because you already have them with you. Travelling alone gives you a great opportunity to get to know people on your own.

You have complete freedom with literally everything

Being free is the kind of sense you need to experience when you travel. As much as you will feel loved if you travel with the people you love, you won’t get to make the decisions by yourself. You have to check in with them and make sure they are comfortable too. So travelling alone can give you complete freedom to choose what you wanna do, be unpredictable and just go with the flow.

You can pay attention to little details

One of the important reasons to travel alone is not only to visit new people but also to pay attention. You won’t have any distractions or people to focus on when you are travelling alone. You are completely in the moment which means you can pay attention. To everything around you, the destination, the people who live there, literally everything. Which will result in you learning new things.

You get to face your fears and insecurities

Facing your fear is also another important reason to travel alone. If you are afraid of travelling alone, face it. Do you know why? No one knows that you are afraid or insecure about certain things when you are alone. The people you meet are all new people. You get to start fresh and let go of the fears and insecurities that you have weighed down on yourself for so long. It is easier when you are meeting new people and you will eventually learn that.

You find yourself

You can get time and space to reflect on who you are when you are travelling alone. You get to be the person you want to be and you can even change yourself if you want. You have space and freedom to dwell on yourself, your dreams, your goals, who you care about etc. It is the ultimate reason to travel alone. To find yourself and just be who you are.


Travelling alone pushes you to spend a lot of time with yourself in unknown territory. Thus, making you find new ways to entertain yourself and experience new cultures and people. Solo travelling will make you fall in love with yourself and rediscover yourself. You come back as a changed person and it rejuvenates you mentally and physically. We hope our list of top 10 reasons why you will love solo travelling will nudge you to try solo travelling in the future. Everyone should solo travel at least a few times in their life in order to experience the true travel experience that the world has to offer. If you have travelled solo, let us know your experience, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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