5 Delicious and Traditional Sweets to Prepare for this Dussehra

The two stories that celebrate the triumph of good over evil are the basis of the Dussehra legend. One depicts Lord Ram, the other Goddess Durga. Nine days are dedicated to worshipping Durga Maa in her various incarnations during Navratri. On the tenth day, Dussehra is observed as a commemoration of the day that Durga Maa vanquished the buffalo demon Mahishashura. In the other tale, Lord Rama defeated Ravana, the devil king, and is praised for his accomplishment. The Dussehra festival is a worldwide event that is largely observed in India. As part of the celebrations, there are poojas, get-togethers, colourful clothing exchanges, music, dance, and an abundance of delectable food.

For such special occasions, the menu is filled with delicious traditional vegetarian dishes that are specially prepared. If you need assistance choosing what kind of traditional sweets to prepare for Dussehra, we’re here to help.

Delicious and Traditional sweets to prepare for this Dussehra:


Learning how to make Jalebi is a necessity whether you’re preparing food for your own household or hosting a gathering. Don’t be afraid to make jalebis at home. The majority of us have already attempted to make it at home at some point during the beginning of COVID lockdowns, but with this simple recipe, you can make hot and yummy Jalebis at home with just a few simple steps. The only ingredients required are maida flour, cornflour, sugar, curd, as well as lemon juice. You will also need oil to fry them, of course. If you want to give these tasty treats a little colour, you could also add some turmeric and perhaps even food colouring. Serve it alongside some prepared fafda or make your own at home using besan flour and seasonings.

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Appi Payasa

In Mysore, the dessert known as Appi Payasa is very popular. They indulge their palates with the Appi Payasa during the celebration of Dussehra. Desi Pure Ghee and Rawa are required to make this sweet dish. Combine the two ingredients, then use the mixture to form small doughs. Then, in order to make it crispy, you must flatten and deep fry it. Hold milk, sugar, as well as a small amount of sugar on hand in the meantime so that you can boil them. Crush the fried pooris, then add them to the milk once it has finished boiling. It tastes insanely delicious and you’ll love it.


It’s not possible to resist the deliciousness of gujiya, a customary stuffed sweet that’s simple to make. It is a deep-fried dumpling stuffed with a combination of sweetened khoa as well as dried fruits and made with maida flour. After that, ghee or oil is used to fry it. Although some people might find it challenging to make gujiya, with some practice you’ll get the hang of it. Everyone in your home will be happy if you prepare this simple sweet snack and serve it throughout tea time.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a delicacy that dates back to ancient times. In Mysore, Mysore Pak is prepared to commemorate all occasions and holidays. Gram flour, Desi ghee, sugar, and some water are the ingredients used to make this sweet dish. It is so tender that it practically begins to melt in your mouth. One of India’s delicious desserts that you simply must try is this one. particularly if you and your family enjoy foods that practically melt in your mouth.


The most well-liked traditional dessert you must prepare this Dussehra is kheer, also referred to as Shavige Payasa in certain parts of India. Every occasion, but especially Navratri and Dussehra, sees the preparation of this Kheer. It is a dessert that is served just at the end of a meal. This kheer is made with Shev and perhaps even Vermicelli, milk, sugar, saffron, as well as additional dry fruits. It has a great flavour and lures us to eat more of it.

What delicious and traditional sweets are you preparing for this Dussehra? Let us know!

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