Famous Sweets of Tamil Nadu to Order and Taste now

Tamil Nadu has so many different types of food that you would never grow tired of it. Everyone raves about Tamil Nadu’s delectable breakfast dishes. But you should be aware of the location’s sweets as well. From the traditional Kozhukkattai to the basic Rava Kesari, there are a plethora of delectable sweets to try while visiting Tamil Nadu. In this post, we have gathered a list of some of the best of those delicacies that you should not miss out on. Keep on reading to order the famous sweets of Tamil Nadu.

Famous sweets of Tamil Nadu to taste at least once:
Sakkarai Pongal

This is the most traditional Tamil Nadu sweet that everyone enjoys eating during festivities such as Pongal. It tastes similar to oatmeal, however, it is made with rice rather than oats. When you try a spoonful of this mouthwatering delicacy in Tamil Nadu, you will find yourself wanting more. Rice, lentils, ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits are used in this food. It has a medium consistency and is neither runny nor too thick. If you have a sweet tooth, it is a great food to have after breakfast or for breakfast.

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Adhirasam is one of Tamil Nadu’s most popular and delectable sweets. It is primarily prepared and consumed during Diwali. It’s prepared with only two simple ingredients: rice flour and jaggery, but you won’t think a rice flour sweet can taste this amazing until you try it. It is a deep-fried sweet that can also be eaten as a snack at any time. This unique treat can be found in a variety of tiny shops. However, if you want to eat it fresh, go to some traditional places and order it.

Tirunelveli Halwa

If you say you’re seeking Tirunelveli Halwa, everyone in Tamil Nadu will know what you’re talking about. Among the natives, it is most popularly known as Iruttu Kadai Halwa. Buying one of these and tasting it when in Tirunelveli has become a natural routine. And it’s necessary to pick up a few more boxes before you go. Another feature of this well-known dessert is that it is made with wheat flour rather than all-purpose flour. It will melt in your mouth and you will never be able to get enough of it.

Chikki Candy

Locals call this particular sweet Kadalai or thokku mittai. This can be found at any small store on the street. It’s made with peanuts and jaggery. After being formed into any shape, both ingredients are mixed and dried. Candies in rectangular and circle forms are the most popular. This is a great snack to have after a filling meal if you don’t want anything too sweet.


In Tamil Nadu, there are numerous variants of payasam. Some of the most popular include rice sticky payasam, vermicelli payasam, and green gram payasam. These can be found in many traditional Tamil Nadu restaurants. You may also get it online or make it yourself because it just takes around 20 minutes. With a variety of ingredients and milk, it has a thick and creamy texture.


The sweet variant of a dumpling or momo is kozhukattai. These days, many restaurants make it just like a momo (flour packed with stuffing). However, the conventional method of making this sweet is to simply mould the combined stuffing with the grip of a hand. Because of this method, it is also known as Pidi Kozhukattai. Pidi is Tamil for “grip” or “hold.”

What are some of your favourite Tamil Nadu sweets? Do you enjoy any of the above-mentioned sweets? Please leave a comment!

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