Storing veggies in the refrigerator for later use is a common thing especially during the lockdown. But have ever tried frozen veggies for your dishes? Frozen vegetables are available at an affordable price and are great counterparts for fresh ones. Probably, you have this question of how healthy are they? Well, frozen veggies might retain most of their essential nutrients. So, here is a list of few super-healthy frozen veggies which would do their best for you. Let’s check out the following super-healthy frozen veggies.


When it comes to the super-favourite carrots, they could do their best in the frozen form as much as they do in the fresh form. Packed with beta-carotene or vitamin A, the eye-healthy veggie is great in antioxidants as well. So, you could use frozen carrots while preparing soups or stews. And if you wish to go tender, then use it earlier.


Like carrots, green beans are also a vision-healthy veggie. Incorporates eye-protecting phytonutrients and high silicon content, green beans could be effective in strengthening the bones. They would do well in their frozen form as well. So, make the most out of it.

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While spinach is a robust green leafy veggie, it could never be avoided as it infuses several health benefits. But how about frozen spinach? Well, you could simply add them to soup or sauce or to prepare natural food colour or sprinkle chopped spinach into scrambled eggs.


Being a cruciferous veggie, cauliflower is extremely helpful in preventing the chances of cancer and other diseases. So, toss those frozen pieces of cauliflower into the soup or prepare puree or to any other dishes but make sure to use it earlier.


With the retained nutrients, Brussels sprouts could be helpful in reducing cholesterol and protect your DNA as well. Further, they would help your body’s defence mechanism to fight against the free radicals which are responsible for cancer and other diseases. So, grab some of them and prepare some luscious dishes.

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