A Delicious Way to Prepare Jigarthanda at Home

Jigarthanda is one of Tamil Nadu’s most popular summer drinks. The drink is quite popular in Madurai, and it is usually a highly recommended food to try when visiting Tamil Nadu. Except for Madurai, the most authentic version of Jigarthanda will not be available in many parts of Tamil Nadu. You can get authentic recipes online and prepare them at home if you don’t want to try an alternative version for the first time. But we’re not here to give you the real Jigarthanda recipe in this post.

Instead, we’ll look at one of the simplest recipes for this famous summer drink. It tastes exactly like the real thing, and if you’ve never had Jigarthanda before, you’ll enjoy it. But it doesn’t mean that somebody who hasn’t tried it won’t enjoy it. They may notice certain variances, but they will still be able to enjoy this simple Jigarthanda recipe. So, without further ado, let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

A delicious way to prepare Jigarthanda at home:
What you need to make Jigarthanda at home:

Two cups of Milk

Four tablespoons of Condensed milk (you can more or less according to your taste preference)

Four teaspoons of rose syrup or nannari syrup

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream (you can use other ice cream flavours but it might affect the taste)

Two teaspoons of badam pisin

Two cups of water (to soak the badam pisin)

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How to make Jigarthanda at home:

Begin by cleaning and soaking the badam pisin pieces in two cups of water overnight. You can also soak it for 8 hours first thing in the morning. After 8 hours, the badam pisin chunks will resemble jelly. Drain any remaining water and set these pieces aside. Now, in a mixing bowl, combine four tablespoons of condensed milk and two cups of cooled milk. Refrigerate the condensed milk and cooled milk after thoroughly whisking them together.

Take a glass and toss in the soaked badam pisin. If it’s a tiny amount, you can add the entire soaking batch. If you have more than ten pieces, place them in the freezer and reuse them for anything else. Then, to the glass, add two tablespoons of rose or nannari syrup. Pour the condensed milk and milk combination into the glass now. Then top with a scoop of vanilla or any other flavour of ice cream. Drizzle a small quantity of nannari or rose syrup on top of the ice cream to complete your homemade Jigarthanda. If you enjoy biting into crunchy stuff in your drink, you can add some dried fruits and nuts.

And, as previously said, this is not how the actual Jigarthanda is prepared in Madurai. Jigarthanda will be created with reduced milk and without condensed milk in the original version. Condensed milk is used in place of milk in the reduction process. However, if you have the time and can make the authentic Jigarthanda at home, you can look up some additional recipes and test them out.

In some areas, the authentic Jigarthanda will also include rose petals. This component is not used by everyone, but it lends a distinct flavour to the pleasant drink.

If you don’t have rose syrup or nannari syrup on hand, you can use roohafza in this Jigarthanda dish. The number of ingredients listed above is only adequate for two persons. So, if you want additional servings, simply increase the quantities accordingly. If you’re a vegan, you can substitute almond or any plant-based milk for the whole milk. You can also use vegan ice cream and rabri or basundi instead of condensed milk.

That is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to make Jigarthanda at home. Please let us know how the process goes once you’ve tried it!

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