Best Veggies to Eat Every day to Get a Good Amount of Protein

Protein plays an important role in our body whether you believe it or not. If you think that eating enough protein is only for bodybuilders and people who work out a lot, you are in the wrong. Your body needs a certain amount of protein every day for growth, strength and development. Without it, you will start feeling tired, experience low metabolism and might even get anaemia. So what should you eat every day to get enough, you ask? Well, here is a list of the best veggies to eat every day for your own good.

You can eat these veggies in any way you can. As a salad, as a curry side or even include it in your rice. How you eat them is your choice and there are a lot of ways to eat them. So let’s take a look at those veggies, shall we?


Cauliflower is a vital part of our Indian diet. From eating it as a sabzi to mixing it with tasty and guilty-pleasure foods like noodles, pasta, there are tons of ways you can include them into your diet. And you know what’s the best part of it all? Cauliflower is very low in calories too. So if you are on a special diet to maintain your body, cauliflower is the right way to go.


A lot of people can be hesitant to try out mushrooms at first but once they get the taste of it, there is no turning back. Mushrooms can be included in your everyday meals through soups, stir-fry etc. If you like to add them to your special rice recipes, don’t hesitate to try them out. Because not only are you getting a good amount of protein from them, but also help your immune system.

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How many of us hated eating spinach as a kid but are now addicted to it? Let’s not lie. Most of us are. We had this illusion going on that everything green would taste bitter or just not good. If you still think this way, let us burst your bubble. It tastes amazing. You can eat them every day by adding some more ingredients and making a shake in the morning. Or as a side dish for rice or your chapatis. There are so many ways to cook and eat spinach so don’t miss it out.


Corn is a delicate food that almost everyone likes. Maybe some don’t because they have allergies or something against it. But if you do not have any allergies or reactions to it, consider starting to eat them. Because corn is rich not only in protein but also in fibre, which is also what your body needs every day.


Broccoli is that one veggie that even adults don’t like a lot. But things are changing and people are trying it out and are loving it. If you have tried it already and it didn’t work out for you, try including them in foods like pasta, ramen, noodles etc. Because these are foods that everyone loves so you might love the taste it brings if it is included in them.

What do you think about this list of best veggies to eat every day? Do you eat them? Let us know below!

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