Everything You Need to Know About Attractive Bento Cakes or Lunch-box Cakes

• The minimalist way of celebrating Birthdays and Festives – Bento Cakes!

Cakes cannot be ignored but they can be disappeared when placed in front of humans. With Christmas coming, cakes are a pivotal part of the festive celebration. The sounds of jingle bells and Merry Christmas come with sweets and joys. Obviously, people go for plum cakes which makes Christmas more special. However, kids always go for creamy and colourful cakes. More than the kids, the inner kids of the adults will love to have it too. Currently, the Bento cakes are on the trend due to their cute and attractive size and designs. Otherwise known as Lunch-box cakes, Bento cakes have gained maximum attention during the pandemic in India. If you are not sure of how the name pops, then here is everything you need to know about attractive Bento cakes or lunch-box cakes.


Bento cake comes with two-by-four-inch cakes which weigh only about 300-350 grams. The word “Bento” directly means lunch box which is originated during the period of Kamukara in 12th century Japan. This was because the people carried cooked and dried rice for work. As it is better known as Korean Bento cake, it will make your way Howbeit, the growing popularity of Bento cakes or lunch-box cakes have been growing ever since the pandemic hits India.

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Wondering how the tiny and cute bento cakes paved their way into India especially during the Pandemic? Well, the answer you get is simple. Since the celebrations are limited and restricted during the pandemics, people ditch large gatherings. Small gatherings, small celebrations and small cakes! Well, there is no reason for large cakes and that’s when the popularity of Bento cakes started growing in several cities of India.


As mentioned, Bento cakes or lunch-box cakes are one of the prettiest and cutest eatables you may come across. If you like the minimalist way of celebration, then Bento cakes are for you. Believe it or not, they are perfect-minimalist cakes. It surprised people with its simple and creative designs that provide a slight vintage look.


The tiny, cute and attractive Bento cakes are perfect for home deliveries. While the other huge cakes are slightly crashed or smudged at the ends during the delivery, this Bento cake perfectly fits in the tiny box or bento box. It can make the delivery easy without any trouble. Well, the increasing home delivery has made the popularity of Bento cakes much easier during the lockdown. Presently, people are browsing for Bento cakes throughout the internet as many bakers have started baking delectable Bento cakes.

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