Awesome Natural Food Colours for Baking Cake

  • Homemade food colours to paint your celebration mood!

Baking cakes would be fun when it comes to the twelfth month of the year. The merriment of Christmas and welcoming the new year would be incomplete without delish cakes. When it comes to baking cakes, you would be exciting to add different colours to them. The colourful batters proffer the colourful and delicious spongy cakes. The food dyes are often infused with chemicals when you purchase them from outside. So, you would be thinking about the natural ways to obtain food colours. From puny cupcakes to colourful cakes, you might wish to add in the bright-coloured ingredients. If you are wondering how to add natural colours, then we are here with some ideas. Well, nature would never disappoint you as it has many solutions for you. So, let’s check out the awesome natural food colours for baking cake.


Thinking of creating a Christmas tree? Well, we have the popular snack of Popeye that provides him with an enormous amount of strength and energy. Yes, we are talking about Spinach here! As it is easily available in the market, spinach could proffer the expected rich green colour to the cake when blended.

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Like green, the colour orange could be easily prepared with the staple veggie, carrot. The carrots are easily available and affordable and even find their place in your kitchen’s pantry. Make use of the orange in carrots to embellish your cake. You could get the colour easily.


Yellow is one of the attractive colours people would love. Blending the colour with the food bestow the best. In order to get the yellow colour naturally, you could go for pineapple and turmeric or even saffron. If you are going with pale yellow, make use of pineapple. Make sure to add turmeric and saffron in small quantities as they are extremely strong.


When it comes to red, you do not have to worry much as you have beetroots in the pantry. Either beets or pomegranates could provide the expected red colour you are wishing to blend with the cake batter. If you want lovely pink, then you could toss in some strawberries. They would not only provide natural food colour but also offers a delish flavour for your cake.


The purple and blue colours are more appealing. The red cabbage would provide the purple and blue colour while boiling it well. Add the colour to the batter and start baking the cake. When you want to make it blue, you just have to add a pinch of baking soda to it. Make your whisk and stir colourful with natural food colours.

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