Healthy and Luscious Ragi Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Having your breakfast every day without skipping is one of the best ways to enhance the body’s health. Your tummy wakes up empty the next morning and craves food. To satisfy the first tummy rumbling for the day, you have to ensure to consume the right type of food. When it comes to breakfast foods, you should make them healthier for your body. The first meal of the day writes your entire day. Saying no to your brekkie is no good idea but to ditch the idea is perfectly good. Having said that, ragi is one of the healthiest choices of foods to consume. Being a staple ingredient in the Southern part of India, they are used in various ways to prepare varieties of recipes. So, we are here with the best healthy and luscious ragi breakfast recipe ideas. Even if you are not a great fan of ragi, the finger millet, you would love to consume the following healthy and luscious ragi breakfast recipes.


Of course, most people would not love tasting ragi in any form of food, especially the younger adults. However, the rich content of calcium, dietary fibre, and potassium present in the finger millet makes it a worthy breakfast to indulge. Dosas are known to be most people’s favourite and so why not add a ragi touch to it? All you need to do is to prepare ragi batter. Powdered millets and mix them well with the dosa batter. Now, spread the batter on the tawa to get the crispy dosa. It goes well with coconut chutney or spicy coriander chutney.

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Ragi dosa sounds to be an awesomely healthy idea and so does the ragi vermicelli recipe. If you have not tried it yet, then you are missing the healthiest and simplest breakfast for the life. When you are running out of time, that’s when the yummiest and healthiest ragi vermicelli comes in. Wait! We got you. You could either give it a spicy touch or the sweet touch. It is up to you to make it more appetizing.


Otherwise known as Finger Millet, Ragi is best used to prepare lip-smacking pancakes. Who else would say no to luscious pancakes? The mashed bananas, ragi flour, honey and salt are the ingredients you require. Make your flip-flap a palatable one to indulge in. It makes the perfect healthy breakfast and the kids would love to have them on their plate.


Like dosas, you have to prepare ragi batter to relish the soft and healthy breakfast. Make use of the ragi batter as they offer you enormous health benefits via the nutrients it has been loaded with. The soft, thick browny idlies taste out of the world with the coconut chutney and sambar.


Why not the aromatic ragi cutlets to kick start your morning? The super-healthy snack breakfast is prepared with potatoes, onions, carrots, and other veggies as you like. Blend them all with the ragi flour. Air fry or shallow fry, the reddish-brown cutlets would proffer the best taste. The presence of iron and protein in the ragi flour would be effective in weight loss. They are the healthiest choice of foods which come with luscious. The kids would never stop gobbling until the snack box is empty.

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