Healthy Cookies Recipes to Try this New Year

With the world moving on to a trend of being more health-conscious, Everyone is getting benefited because of the newer and more normal healthier lifestyle. Still, at a time like this, your healthier lifestyle can come at the cost of your favourite sweet treats. And without doubt, cookies are one of the best sweet edibles out there that people just can’t resist because they are that good. How would you feel if this article suddenly gave you the magic key to the lock that is healthy cookies? Definitely, it gives an over-the-moon feel and hope, you feel the same at the end of this as you will soon be equipped with three healthy yet tasty cooking recipes that you can make at home.


The ultimate favourite when it comes to cookies is definitely chocolate chip cookies, and that is the first recipe. Whatever your usual chocolate chip cookie recipe, all you need to do is alternate the regular flour you regularly use with wheat flour. The wheat flour doesn’t only make this a healthier version but also adds a nuttiness to the flavour of chocolate chip cookies. Apart from switching out the flour, you can also switch the mix of brown sugar and caster sugar for jaggery instead. Jaggery is both a natural sweetener and has too much goodness in it for you not to miss out. If you’re wondering how butter might make this healthy cookie recipe into a non-healthy one, worry not because using ghee actually helps with the texture of a chocolate chip cookie.

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Oatmeal raisin cookies may sound boring but are one of the best ones out there if made in the right way. To make oatmeal raisin cookies in the healthiest and tastiest way possible, grab a cup of steel-cut oats and mix it with two ripe mashed bananas and you should arrive at a mildly runny consistency. After this mixture is ready, you can add a pinch of cinnamon and some cocoa powder if you are craving some extra sweetness and give it a nice mix. Now time for the raisins to give this cookie some extra texture and taste. If you’re someone who doesn’t like raisins, you can always add some strawberry puree or a mix of other dried berries to alter the recipe to your taste.


Peanut butter cookies are genuinely the best of both worlds. Grind some rolled oats for 15 minutes in a food processor to get a coarse texture to make these indulgent cookies. Then add some vanilla extract, mashed bananas, half a cup of honey, and a large tablespoon of peanut butter along with some baking soda and baking powder to form a very generic texture of cookie dough. You can either add butter or some melted coconut oil to this mixture according to your preference. This peanut butter cookie can also be switched to an almond butter version or even a chocolate hazelnut spread version depending on how healthy or tasty you want the cookie to be.

Remember not just to have fun in the kitchen but also to keep in mind some basic cookie rules like preheating the oven according to whether you have an OTG or a microwave to bake your cookies according to your favourite texture, be it chewy and gooey in the middle or crispy and hard throughout. Keep baking and stay healthy!

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