Most-Loved Healthy Indian Dips to Try This Summer

Who else would not love dipping the French fries or crunchy veggies or fried chicken into flavoursome dips? Dips are what we would be expecting the most when we are served with main dishes at restaurants or hotels. But this lockdown summer could be the right time for you to trying some most-loved healthy dips at your home and enjoy the summer rain with crispy fires along with delish dips. Since most of the dips are made with curd as an essential ingredient, it could be adding healthy fat to your body and so it would collapse your fitness process. Your body too needs healthy fat which would help you stay strong and healthy all the while. So, let’s check out the following most-loved healthy Indian dips to try this summer.


Curd is one of the easiest ways to get your protein for the day. Or use paneer instead of curd as it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. You could bring the creativeness in preparing dips as well. On the other hand, you could also rely on protein-rich pulses including rajma and Kabuli chana or white chickpeas. Make your choice into a great protein-rich dip!


The fusion of healthy fats and satiation feel come in the form of fruit-based dips. You could prepare hummus or dips when you choose colourful and healthy fruits including Avocado or pineapple or papaya or mangoes. You could depend on these fruits to taste the toothsome dips.


Nutritious vegetables are one of the most essential foods for your body. You could not miss the daily serving of vitamin-rich veggies which would build up your healthy body. So, why not try preparing some scrumptious veggie dips? How about a sweet and succulent Pumpkin dip? Or would you love to have parsley and curd? Or Spinach and curd dip?

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If you are on a weight loss journey, then you might be seeking low-calorie foods or low-calorie dips. Some varieties of dips help you stay fuller for a longer period and it would be a great snack between the meals. This would avoid the hankering for unhealthy foods. For example, you could have black bean dip which is low in calories but high in protein and fibre. So, you have to ensure that it is not deeply fried foods to be dipped in.

While several succulent dips are being served out in the world of junk foods, you still make it healthier as you could prepare it easily at your home this summer. So, the above-mentioned are the most-loved healthy Indian dips to try this summer.

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