New flavours at Coppetto, Mumbai? Have a Ge-lat-of Fun!


What’s better than ice-cream you ask? Gelato! With love all the way from Italy, this artisanal delicacy came to Mumbai with Coppetto. After capturing our hearts with heavenly gelatos, Coppetto has come up with 3 new flavours (yay!). 

Everyone loves this one-stop gelato dessert parlour for their exquisite and ambrosial selection of flavours. So to keep us coming for more, Coppetto introduced 3 new exciting flavours called Fruits of the Forest Gelato, Chocolate with Almond and Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Gelato. These flavours are born from the idea of delivering rich delectable dessert by infusing fruits and nuts in gelato.

Of course, the signature classics such as Coconut, Pistachio, Coffee Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel are always there to satiate your sweet tooth. Made with high quality natural raw ingredients, Coppetto is a 100% vegetarian treat fit for all.

So when are you planning to treat yourself with some lush gelato for a sinful indulgence?

What: New Gelato Flavours

When: Ongoing

Where: Coppetto, 3, C S 1/1528 And 2/1528, Sumer Chambers, Km Munshi Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai

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