Reasons to Stay Away from Processed Foods

Any food that has been modified or altered from its natural state to be preserved or for convenience are processed foods. With everybody busy at their workplace and not being able to cook, it is no surprise that people are turning to processed foods that are readily available almost everywhere. However, processed foods are not healthy and here are the top reasons why you should stay away from processed foods.

They are high in sugar:

Sugar is the first food that you need to keep away if you want to maintain your health or lose weight. Processed food also contains added sugars, which is bad for teeth and has no nutrients at all. Sugars have no nutrients, but only empty calories and if consumed regularly can lead to obesity.
They can be addictive: These foods make us crave for more of it and we end up being addicted to it, which is bad for health. Taking junk foods or even processed week rarely is fine, but these foods can definitely not be consumed on a daily basis.

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Consists of artificial ingredients:

Though many say that the food industry has reached a turning point, many processed foods still have artificial ingredients which are nothing but chemicals. Some foods have the ingredients listed while some do not, so you will have to be careful when you are buying the processed foods. The artificial ingredients may come in the form of flavours, text rants, preservatives, and colourants.

High in carbohydrates:

If you get used to having foods with carbohydrates, then that will lead to you having carbohydrate cravings. The major problem with carbohydrates is it reduces cognitive functioning as carbohydrates are heavy foods. Most popular diets will have very fewer carbohydrates and more protein.

No nutrition:

Though many food manufacturers try to incorporate synthetic foods in processed foods, most processed foods are still high in sugar, carbohydrates and empty calories which serve no food for your mental and physical health. Real foods are what have to be consumed for good amount of nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, rice, seafood, local meats are all examples of real food and processed food cannot substitute these in any way.

Have real foods and be healthy:

It is difficult to not be a foodie today with the increasing number of comfort foods available. However, we should always know what to consume and what not to consume, we should know how much we can have. Having fruits and vegetables, home-cooked food and carrying home-cooked food to your place of work are going to do your more harm than good. Instead, if you are lazy to cook and keep eating out or having processed foods like candies, cookies, brownies, chips, burgers, sandwiches that are already packed, then you are inviting are a lot of trouble for your own health. Cutting down on processed food is definitely easier than you can imagine if it is accompanied by the willingness to take proper care of fitness and health.

Time to digest:

Frozen dinners, sauce, jams, french fries from big fast-food chains, Nutella, instant soup and noodles are all examples of processed foods that may take time to digest. While normal home-cooked food contains fewer ingredients, these foods contain more ingredients so that they do not become spoilt and the more the ingredients, the more time it is going to take you to digest the foods.

Empty calories:

Empty calories are foods that have little or no nutrition. If you really want to have processed foods because you like it, you can but it has to be had with regular exercise as these foods may lead to weight gain instantly because empty calories are nothing but sugars, carbohydrates, fats and these get stored in the body as fat. It doesn’t hurt to have it empty calories once in a while.

High trans fats or vegetable oil:

These oils are extracted in unnatural ways and are the latest addition to the food world. Vegetable oil is not considered real oil because they contain Omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids.

Mindless eating:

Reading a book and you have with you chips and candies and pastries to make the book reading more interesting. This may soon become a habit and you may find it difficult to avoid. Frozen fruits, canned tuna, jarred foods, frozen meals are all examples of foods that can lead to mindless eating.

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