Substitutes for Ghee: 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Dishes Tasty

Being popular in Indian cuisine, Ghee is a clarified butter mainly made in India. It is often used as a main ingredient to enhance flavours to dishes in Indian cooking. Every time you add a spoon of ghee, it does add an aroma and taste to your recipes thereby enriching it. However, you may wish to swap ghee several time for several reasons. If you’re looking for healthier options than ghee, there are various easy substitutions that you can use that still give your recipes the great taste they deserve. Here are some good substitutes for ghee which make your dishes tasty and flavoursome.

Substitutes for Ghee:
Use Unsalted Butter:

Adding unsalted butter is one of the easiest and most common substitutions for ghee. It tastes as same as the ghee ingredient. Unsalted butter usually has vegetable oil added and can be used just like ghee would be in most recipes. It will provide a creamy, salty flavour as that of ghee. It, for sure, can be a healthier alternative to regular butter.

Tips: Make sure to pay attention to the temperature when cooking with unsalted butter as the smoke point is slightly lower than that of regular butter or ghee.

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Use Coconut Oil:

The aroma you remember for a lifetime! Coconut oil is a great counterpart for ghee and can be used in many of the same ways. Compared to ghee, the ingredient has slightly fewer calories. Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats, and incorporates natural antimicrobial properties. It’s time to use it as a spread on toast or other baked goods. It works great thereby making a healthy choice. Moreover, it’s flavourless when heated.
Tips: Since coconut oil has a higher smoke point than most cooking oils, it is suitable for higher temperature cooking such as deep frying and stir-frying.

Use Cashew Nut Butter or Paste:

Use Cashew Nut Butter or Paste

How about cashew nut butter or paste? Of course, cashew nut paste is no new to you as it is often used as an ingredient to cook delish curries. Both the butter and paste form of cashew nut can be a great alternative to ghee. Though it does not have the same taste as ghee, it works great for dishes that deserve a rich flavour. Cashew nut paste is also very high in healthy fats and protein, thereby making it a healthier alternative to ghee.
Tips: Although cashew paste has a higher smoke point than ghee, it’s best to use it at lower temperatures when using it as a substitute for ghee.

Use Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil Blend:

The amalgamation of avocado oil and sunflower oil makes palatable substitute for ghee in most dishes. The oils are a rich source of healthy fatty acids and have a neutral flavour that blends well with both sweet and savoury meals. Moreover, the combination of avocado oil and sunflower oil will never overpower the flavour of your dishes. This in turn ensures that you can still enjoy the flavour of your favourite recipes without using ghee.
Tips: This healthy blend has a higher smoke point than ghee, making it ideal for baking items like quick breads, cakes, and muffins.

Try the above four mentioned alternatives to ghee to add flavour to your dishes. Let us know how well the blend works for your dishes and taste buds!

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