Top 10 Varieties of Dosas that are perfect for Your Breakfast & Dinner

Born in South India, Dosa grows in multiple ways. The delish dosas can never be ditched when it comes to a palatable brekkie. Pairs well with the different types and colourful chutneys, luscious sambar, and tangy podi, dosas can never break your heart. In fact, they make your heart content with the first piece of them. Easily prepared using the urad dal batter, it strengthens your back and immune power. Not only urad dal is used in preparing crispy, roasted dosas, but other nutritious ingredients offer different varieties of dosas. So, let’s check out some 10 varieties of dosas that are perfect for your breakfast and dinner.

Moong Dal or Pesarattu Dosa:

As the commonly prepared plain dosa is well-known to all, we have here Pesarattu dosa or green gram dosa or Moong dal dosa. The energy and immune-boosting moong dal dosa incorporate the ‘never-before’ taste. All you have to do is to blend the soaked green gram with urad dal batter. It serves well with spicy chutney.

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Adai Dosa:

Famous in Tamil cuisine, adai dosa is a protein-rich brekkie you can enjoy. This is an instant energy booster. You cannot miss the perfect combo of adai dosa and aviyal or coconut chutney. Want to try this protein-loaded crispy dosa? Well, the main ingredients you require to prepare the batter are Bengal gram dal, chillies, rice, and moringa leaves.

Whole Wheat Dosa:

Again, a great variety of all time! The whole wheat powder is all you need. To give them the flavour, add stir-fried onions and curry leaves. The whole wheat dosa is one of the easiest foods for breakfast or dinner.

Egg Dosa:

How about having an eggcellent touch for your plain dosa? Well, you have to do is to spread the batter on the dosa pan and crack an egg over it. Now, flip-flap the palatable egg dosa and serve it with sambar and chutney.

Neer Dosa:

Believe it or not, neer dosa is the simplest preparation process. The rice, salt and water are all you require. Give the mix your dosa need and eat it along with any chutney or curry. This is a famous Mangalorean dish.

Cheese Dosa:

Prepared with regular batter used for plain dosa, cheese dosa gives all the street-styled vibe and aroma. Spread some chutney and cheese toppings to serve it with a rich taste.

Set Dosa:

The popular and tasty set dosa makes your tummy satiated thereby curbing your craving. Made with urad dal, poha and rice, Karantaka-styled puffy dosas are the perfect brekkie or dinner or even lunch to indulge in.

Pearl Millet Dosa:

Famously known as Kambu in Tamil, Pearl millet dosa energize your body. It serves as a healthy brekkie or dinner along with chilly or spicy chutney.

Onion Dosa:

When it comes to varieties of dosas, you just cannot ignore the simplest, flavoursome dosa ever. Just chop the onions and use the regular batter to spread a dosa and sprinkle the chopped onions over it. It tastes out-of-the-world when served with idli sambar and chutneys. Both kids and adults love it and ask for moreish of it!

Ragi Dosa:

Like whole wheat dosa, ragi dosa is a kind of staple food that works well for your brekkie and dinner. Blend the ragi powder with the regular batter and flip-flap the reddish-brown dosas. This is one of the diabetic-friendly dosas that you can binge along with any type of chutney.

Try out these new 10 Varieties of dosas and let us know which one was your favourite?

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