Top 5 Bars in India You May Love to Vibe in

Bars hit differently when it comes to electrifying music and luscious cocktails. Bars incorporate the vibe you are not ready for. With the New Year being fast approaching, there may be multiple toasts waiting on your way. To say toasts and move your body to the music, there are several top bars in India, to begin with. Some may like late-night walks and rides and some may like to kick into the bars and start vibing and chilling. If you come under the latter more than the former ones, then here we are to help with the list of top 5 bars in India you may love to vibe in. Read on. . .


Bestowing the 360-degree views of the city and sea, AER is the only Indian bar to be listed in Asia’s 50 Best Bars list. Situated on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, AER is designed captivatingly all over the roof space. It introduces you to the sparkling cocktails, gourmet teasers and tapas-style menu. Moreover, you can literally enjoy the entire city with the awestruck panoramic views. You cannot miss the spicy music, sizzling drinks and scrumptious tapas happening here.

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Also known as Resto bar, Black sheep bistro is extraordinary in its menu and ambience. Since Goa is already a vibe, it can never be satiated until you sip at this wonderful Black sheep bistro bar. Perhaps, it may not be welcoming from the exterior but it does when you enter into the arresting interior. Designed and settled in a 100-year-old Portuguese house, Black Sheep Bistro is best at its contemporary Goan cuisine. You can chill with your gang and have Vodkas to dip into the Happiest New Year of all time.


You must have to try this distinct architecturally designed bar of Chennai. The Flying Elephant displays the five live kitchens over the five levels which are connected with the elevator. Proffers a wide variety of flavours and aromas, the bar is outstandingly the best multisensory experience. The place also offers vegetarian-friendly foods and gluten-free options. You cannot miss the beauty of the architectural designs and palatable foods and drinks.


Over the Moon (OTM) gives the best Saturday night vibes that you can ever imagine. The best of Hyderabad’s nightlife is here. It provides a breathtaking view of the beautiful city while enjoying the lounge, food and cocktails. You may love to give the best toast over here.


Why not move your body to Indie music? Well, Cheers Crossroads is the place to be. As New Year weekend is around the corner, you cannot miss celebrating it with some amazing music of your kind. Not to mention, there will be live bands all through the week that makes the best night vibes. You cannot get rid of the dreamy music and drinks over here. So, the list of top 5 bars in India you may love to vibe in has enough elements to amaze you when the clock ticks twelve.

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