Top 5 Drinks that Keeps You Hydrated: Healthy and Inexpensive

Hydration is one of the most important things to look into. While you are thirsty, you may grab a glass of water to keep your thirst at bay. Similarly, it is essential to keep your body hydrated through out the day. Otherwise, your body may cry out with symptoms. Well, we have some refreshing drinks which keep you hydrated and also good for health.  It is not always about water but we have supercool alternatives too. However, it is good to avoid sodas or sugary drinks and opt for these healthy drinks. Quick and easy to prepare drinks at home. You can also take it with you when you step out of your home. Besides being healthy, it also saves you money. Check out the top 5 drinks that keeps you hydrated.

Nimbu Paani:

Nimbu Paani

When mentioning about drinks to keep you hydrated, this ‘Tops the charts’ and favorite drink for many people in the country. As it’s quick and easy to prepare – squeeze some fresh lemons, salt and sugar. Some of them prefer it salty for that instant energy.

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Iced tea:

A chilled glass of ice tea can do wonders in summer. It comes in various flavors but peach and lemon are the most common ice teas. Even herbal teas are sometimes referred and served as ice tea.



Yet another popular drink among our people. Best known for its hydrating properties and it is very refreshing. Whether the drink is consumed in sweet or salty flavours both helps in cooling the body and cure hydration problems.

Aam Panna:

This drink is very popular summer drink among North Indians. The drink is made from raw mangoes and is light in color. It is very tasty and effective beverage to fight against the intense summer heat.



A refreshing cold drink often served during any hot season. Thandai is a mixture of milk with almonds, rose water and other spices.

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