Why is Street Food Popular in Indian Cities?

Every Indian city broils with its own nuances, its own identity, own flavour. A huge part of our culture comes from what cities taste like – each one different, each one unique. While there are numerous cafes and restaurants that make dedicated cuisines, it is the street food that’s most popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

So why is street food popular in most Indian cities? What brings it its fame?
But what could cause street food to be so popular?
Authentic Taste

Nothing captures a city’s authentic taste in its entirety like street food does. Hence you’ll find queues outside local Vada Pav stalls in Mumbai. Hence people travel hours for one plate of Misal Pav in Pune. Hence Hyderabadis line up for fresh idlis at 3 am outside Ram ki Bandi. Because the authentic taste of these regional cuisines can only be captured by locals.

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Honestly, nothing beats the prices of street food. Who can resist delicious food that’s within your budget? It’s student-friendly, it’s child-friendly, it’s family-friendly, it’s pocket-friendly. You will find great street food opposite DLF, Hyderabad – it’s THE food hub for all IT employees.

More Options

When one steps outside fancy restaurants, options increase by twofold or more. For instance, there is an entire street dedicated to Paranthas in Delhi – the name (any guesses?) is Paranthe Wali Galli. One can find multiple shops with multiple styles of parathas that are to die for. You won’t stop licking your fingers off!

Easily accessible

This one’s a no-brainer. How many times have you craved something spicy, something fast, something delicious at midnight? How many times have you lied to your mother about rushing to the stationery store, only to secretly go eat Pani Puri? The biggest benefit of street food is that it’s literally available in your streets. There is no dearth of such joints in any random Indian street.

Let us know what your favourite street food joints are and we’ll try to make a compilation of the best in each city!

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