World Food Safety Day 2021


Since food is playing a pivotal role in everyone’s life, it shows we are what we eat. Intake of right foods would help you get there, the place which suits you to live a happy and satisfying life. Evidently, the current pandemic situation has made each one realize the importance of health. As rightly said, “Health is Wealth”, gaining a well-built and healthy body would help you lead a satiating life which is the real wealth in turn. In order to build a healthy body, it is essential to take the right and safe foods which could help you healthily. This is why we are celebrating World Food Safety Day (WFSD) today which is 7th June.

Initially observed on 6th June 2019, World Food Safety Day was first pronounced by Hon’ble Union Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Minister of State, and Minister of State, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of Health and Family Welfare at FSSAI HQ. People from industries thronged at the place to take a pledge to encourage food safety for the citizens of the nation. The main objective of the day is to avert, detect, and manage possible foodborne diseases thereby promising food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development as well.

Governments, producers, and consumers would come together to share the responsibility for enhancing food safety. If only everyone is responsible to ensure the safety of the food, it would be effective in decreasing the bar of foodborne diseases. This is why we are here to celebrate World Food Safety 2021.


The first-ever World Food Safety Day 2019 was celebrated with the theme “Food Safety, everyone’s business” which throws light on the responsibilities of every citizen to ensure the safety of the foods. The same theme was followed for the last year’s (2020) celebration as well. And the theme for World Food Safety Day 2021 has the theme “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”. This particular theme insists on the production and consumption of safe food which vows a better future.

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