World Environment Day 2021


June 5th is observed as World Environment Day which spreads awareness of enhancing the health of the environment and makes it a better place to live. Knowingly or unknowingly, the actions of mankind impact the health of the environment which in turn only makes it worse to live for living beings. The emerging pollution issues must be controlled to protect the environment. If only our environment breathes healthy and happy, we could be happy and healthy as well. This is why it is important to raise awareness about environmental issues including marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime.

In 1972, the United Nations at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment pronounced the World Environment Day to raise awareness to create a better environment. It would also consist of a forum for businesses, non-government organizations, communities, governments, and celebrities to look into environmental issues and create awareness. It becomes the greatest platform along with 143 countries as active participants. Every year, a particular country would be a host for the day along with a specific theme.

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Ever since the raging coronavirus hits the world, it unveils the real consequences of the spoiled ecosystem. As deforestation and building factories have been continued to do so, the area of the natural habitat for animals has dwindled. This is how we created the space for the deadly virus to spread thereby affecting our daily life. So, you should always remember that the environment is not only for mankind but also belongs to other living organisms of the world. If not, you would be facing the consequences eventually. If only the ecosystem remains healthy, it would be great for the improvement of human life, shrinking climate change, and cease the disruption of biodiversity. So, World Environment Day 2021 could play a crucial role as the environment has taught a lesson for mankind.


As mentioned earlier, World Environment Day has a particular nation as host and a theme. Last year (2020), the host country was Colombia with the theme “Time for Nature” and this year (2021), we have the theme “Ecosystem Restoration” and the hosting country is Pakistan. According to the theme of Environment Day, the people and organization would create awareness. This time, it is focused on restoring the health of the ecosystem.

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