Yummy 5-minutes Indian Veggie Salad Recipe for Dinner

When it comes to salad, people would mostly associate it with diet and weight loss. Mostly we
would ditch the idea of having salad as it would be your snack sometimes. While most people
would not be fond of enjoying a salad, some might be indulging in a salad for no reason. Eating
salad is all about healthiness and revitalization regardless of weight loss and diet. Well, salad is
one of the best ways to consume raw veggies in a tasty way. Even if you are into weight loss,
you do not need to ditch any of your meals in a day or go starving, you could choose the salad.
Believe it or not, the scrumptious salad could keep you full. So, here is the best yummy Indian
veggie salad recipe for dinner which would attract the kids and adults. Try to prepare and include
this easy-peasy and yummy Indian veggie salad recipe for dinner. You could even have it for any
time of the day.


Carrot, big onion, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, cabbage, coriander leaves, salt, pepper powder,
lemon juice, and olive oil, or any other cooking oil. All these ingredients are easily available
which makes your recipe simply healthy and yummy.

  1. Before using the veggies, wash them thoroughly under running water.
  2. You have to take all the veggies and dry them out to chop them into tiny pieces.
  3. Add the fusion of veggies to the bowl and sprinkle the required amount of salt.
  4. Next, squeeze a lemon and sprinkle pepper powder as per your taste.
  5. Blend them well. ​
  6. Finally, add half a tablespoon of olive oil or cooking oil and mix it well.
  7. And the yummy salad is ready to serve.

Browsing for rich and healthy salad recipes could offer you ample results. But still, you might be
annoyed by one or many unavailable ingredients or veggies for preparation. This is why this
timely and easy-to-prepare yummy Indian veggie salad recipe could help you. If you are going to
pack the salad for the lunch, then ensure to remove the seeds from the tomato and cucumber.
This is due to the water they would leave in. This is perfect for dinner because it would be light
and healthy.

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