4 Most Intelligent Tricks To Eat In Control During The Lockdown Period



Watch out your plate and eat in control!

Simple tricks to defeat the thought of eating more during this quarantine!

Of course, we crave for our favorite foods for several tomes in our life. When you are fond of certain food items, you would start wolfing down your favorite food. After completing your food, you could have regret eating a larger amount of food. For sure, each one of us would have come across the exact feel at least once in our lifetime. Even though you made up your mind to eat less, you would have failed to watch out your plate while filling it with food. And this is the time as we are in a lockdown period for days where you could not possibly watch what you are eating. So, here are the simple methods to prevent overeating during the lockdown period.

WATER METHOD: This is one of the oldest methods which we hold even now. Here, all you need to do is to have a glass of water right before your mealtime or at least 30 minutes before your mealtime. By doing so, water would partially fill your stomach and thus help you to eat less than you think. It would even keep you satiated for a longer time and make you avoid overeating as well.

HAND METHOD: To adapt this method, you just have to cup your hand together. All you need to do is to place your food in your cupped hands but your protein-rich foods including eggs, lentils, and beans are hardly be equal in the size of your palm. However, your carbs like grains, bread, and potatoes are enough to be filled your cupped hands. The veggies you eat should be equal to your fist whereas your butter should be equal to your thumb. Does not it sound amazing method?

PLATE METHOD: Here, it involves your plates, spoons, and forks. Right before implementing the method, it is better if you think of the red color. Well, the very first thing you get in your mind when you see the red color is the danger. Your brain automatically visualizes red color associated with danger. So, it makes you stop or prevent yourself from doing something. As of now, start eating on the red plate which would make you control overeating. This does not mean replacing all your plates in the kitchen into red but you could replace one or two for yourself. When you use red cutlery to eat junk or unhealthy food, it would take you to eat a smaller portion.

VEGGIES METHOD: When you complete your entire meal and you still feel hungry, you would be hankering to eat anything. Instead of choosing chappathis or slices of bread, you could choose vegetables. This choice would, in turn, make you prevent the intake of carbs and would be filled with minerals and nutrients as well.

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