5 Foods You Should Always Avoid Before Getting Physical



Halitosis foods might ruin your love night!

Ensure to avoid the following foods before your date night!

Crushing on someone and being with them might be your dream day and you would cherish the moment forever. When you feel aroused and stimulated, you would try to get close to them. What if they reciprocate? Obviously, you would feel the love between you and your partner. When everything goes well, there comes a sudden twist in your intimacy which ruins your mood. It might be your bad breath due to the consumption of pungent smelling foods. So, make sure you never ruin your love session by yourself. Try to avoid the following kiss killing foods while you are on your next date.

RAW ONIONS: You might very well know that onions are naturally a pungent-smelling vegetable. As it contains allin, it is associated with the bad breath to the people who have it. And if you think that you could wash away this unpleasant smell from your mouth, then it would not help you to do so. The aroma of the raw onion is still going to be the same and remain until it vanishes itself. So, it would spoil your mood when you have an intimate time with your partner. Make sure to avoid adding raw onions in your dishes.

GARLIC: Garlic is also associated with a pungent smell. It offers your bad breath and ruins your lovey-dovey night session. Like onions, garlic would never go off when you chew mint or brush your teeth. But it would definitely destroy your amorous mood. It is due to the presence of sulphur compounds that garlic absorbs it and excretes it through the lungs which thus produce the bad breath in you. So, you gotta avoid adding this in your dinner which in turn prevents you from the kiss of devastation.

FISH: You might have come across the healthy suggestion of omega-3 fatty acid foods. It might be good for your heart, skin and to your brain but it is not good for you when you are spending intimate time with your partner. This is because fish is also known to provide an unpleasant smell when you consume it. When you have a piece for your dinner, then it would land you in a stinky spoiling night.

ALCOHOL: Naturally, alcohol has its unique smell which would create unattractive ambiance instead of an amorous one. You might think that alcohol could help you to be sexually aroused, but it is not so. When you consume more than one glass of alcohol, it would ruin your night. The alcohol such as beer, wine, spirits would dehydrate your mouth and this would let the bacteria responsible for producing the bad breath. So, try to avoid the glass of alcohol.

COFFEE: This might even surprise you but coffee is also listed in the halitosis intake. It has the power to stop the lovely-steamy kiss and so you gotta think before sipping the cup of coffee. The presence of caffeine in coffee reduces the saliva and makes your mouth to dry out and allowing the bacteria to proffer noisome breath.

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