5 Monsoon Health Tips To Follow In India

Monsoon has its own disadvantages and so it is essential to follow monsoon health tips.

Nowadays, monsoon is considered a season of illness. So, Following monsoon health tips is essential. The stagnant water and sewage are breeding grounds for waterborne illness. Also, the human immune system tends to weaken during monsoons. With unpredictable rains, it is almost impossible to stay dry without soaking in rainwater. Thus, it is advised to carry a raincoat or umbrella handy. This is the first step in ensuring good health. Here, let us look at some monsoon health tips to stay fit and enjoy this season without any illness.

Drink Boiled Water

It’s time to clean your flasks! It is pretty normal to get stomach problems during the rainy season. This is highly due to contaminated water resources. Having a home water filtration system is the greatest way to obtain clean drinking water. Otherwise, just boil your drinking water before consumption. Hot water is definitely a soothing option for cold monsoons. Also, when travelling, it is ideal to bring water flasks with you.

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Wash Your Hands

Walking in the rain is fun. But make sure to wash your hands regularly during monsoons. Try to practice good hand hygiene and ensure that the skin on your hands is clean while consuming food. Especially if you have just returned from outside, ensure that you wash your hands, feet, and legs. Also, it is better to take a bath with disinfectant. This will protect your skin from harmful microbes. Furthermore, monsoon season generally sees an increase in the rate at which dangerous microbes proliferate.

Boost Your Immunity

Eat clean and healthy fruits and vegetables. This is vital to boost immunity during monsoons. Fruits are abundant, natural sources of the vitamins and minerals needed by humans to stay strong and healthy. Especially fruits like apple aid in immune system stimulation. Mosambi, oranges, and similar fruits rich in vitamin C are regarded as one of the healthiest food options to strengthen immunity and fight infection.

Also, try to avoid junk foods and street foods during monsoons.

Avoid Wet Clothes and Shoes

We usually store our clothes and bed linens in closed wardrobes. These locations typically remain cool and grow damper as the rains get heavier and the humidity rises. Mould can grow here with ease. Since there isn’t enough sunlight to dry the garments, it is preferable to iron them.

During the monsoon, it’s typical to bring muddy, damp shoes home. It is always ideal to give them a thorough cleaning and let them dry completely. This will prevent skin infections and bad odours. Also, have an additional pair of shoes for monsoon use.

Avoid Stagnation of Water

One of the most dangerous problems during the monsoon season is mosquito breeding. Generally, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water puddles surrounding the house. They also proliferate in open-water storage containers at home. Mosquitoes are vectors of a number of deadly diseases, including malaria and dengue. Thus check your drains regularly. Make sure they are not clogged and get rid of any obvious sources of stagnant water.

Always make sure that drinking water is contained in bottles, pots, or other containers. Also, while going outside, especially at night, wear full-sleeved clothes. Try to use insect repellents, and mosquito netting.

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