9 Monsoon Travel Tips For Every Wanderlust

Monsoons are a beautiful time to travel. They are filled with fresh greenery, sweet raindrops trickling down our faces, dark clouds and the cool breeze that surrounds us. With beauty comes risk such as slippery roads, water puddles, contaminated water, and hectic traffic. Travelling during monsoons requires loads of patience and well-thought-out planning. Choose your destination according to the weather, you don’t want to end up in a swampy place in heavy thunderstorms. Do small research about the place during monsoons while you choose your destination that’s safe and also fun to have adventures during your trip. Now that choosing the destination is sorted, we will cover 9 monsoon travel tips for every wanderlust to navigate through monsoons in a safe and enjoyable way.

Check the weather forecast before you leave


Sudden road trips and vacations are great but you might want to rethink them during monsoons. Make sure to check the weather forecast well ahead before you plan your trip. In India, rainfall often equals water puddles and landslides so it’s best to check for thunderstorms or heavy rainfall. It also gets challenging in rugged terrains and mountains, so plan your trip accordingly.

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Carry essential medicines and repellents

We don’t want to fall sick, especially during our trip. We tend to catch a cold or flu more quickly in the monsoons so it’s best to carry the essential medicines and a first-aid kit as a precautionary measure. It is also advisable to carry bug repellents and mosquito repellents specifically if you are camping. Its best practice to carry cold, cough, fever, and stomach ache medicines in hand in case of an emergency.

Carry synthetic and waterproof clothes

Carry lightweight clothes like synthetic and quick dry clothes. It is best to avoid heavy fabrics like denim as they take quite a long time to dry if they get wet. Synthetic and quick dry clothes come in handy if you are going on outdoor adventures in the monsoon. Since they dry quickly there are lesser chances of mould formation.

Carry appropriate footwear


You may have to walk on slippery slopes or wetlands, you must carry a pair of waterproof shoes or boots if you plan on going on adventures. If you plan a laid-back trip, you can carry a pair of sandals or flats. Avoid anything made of leather, suede, or fabrics.

Avoid street foods

We all love street foods, it could be tempting to eat a hot snack during the rainy season. But waterborne diseases will be on the rise during the monsoons and we must keep in mind the contamination and food safety. So, never drink water or eat foods from an unreliable source. Check for the hygiene of the place before you eat or drink anything in a new place. It is advisable to carry a pack of munchies and a bottle of water during your travel.

Carry an umbrella and raincoat

It must be so basic to list an umbrella in this article, but you will be shocked to know that many people forget this basic yet very useful item. You should also carry a raincoat for obvious reasons. An umbrella and raincoat can protect you from getting soaking wet and help you keep up your game during your travel.

Carry a hairdryer

A hair dryer is one electrical device which has come in handy several times during my travel. While it’s always helpful to carry a hair dryer, it is a must during the rainy season. You must try to dry your hair as soon as possible to avoid getting a cold. A hairdryer can also be used to dry your clothes quickly if you are in a hurry, or if your luggage, money or any other valuable gets wet.

Carry a waterproof bag

It is advisable to carry a waterproof bag for your mobile phones, laptops, chargers and any electric or electronic device. You can also carry a good quality plastic bag in the place of a waterproof bag which can be at times hard to find. This is an inexpensive alternative and can help you protect your devices.

Carry board games and books

Board games

While we can plan our trip extensively, the weather during the monsoon can be highly unpredictable. Carry your favourite board games and books to keep you company if you are stuck inside your room for long periods of time.


Some additional points to keep in mind are, that you can get anti-skid tires if you are travelling on the road, and make sure to have your insurance in check. Don’t let the rains disturb your travel plans and just enjoy nature at its best. Follow these 9 monsoon travel tips for every wanderlust to travel in monsoons in a safe and fun-filled way.

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