5 Most Easiest Ways To Sanitize Your Mobile Phones


During this pandemic situation, it is essential to maintain hygiene by all means. You might be cautious about touching doorbells, groceries, elevator buttons, handrails, and many more. While this was the condition at the initial stage, some people are less cautious post-lockdown which is no good. People must have at least known the importance of handwashing and follow it regularly. In the process of being protective before touching a foreign object, you actually forget about your mobile phones as they could also spread infections. You and your mobile phones are pretty connected together and you could carry it anywhere you go. If you find it difficult and doubtful about how to sanitize your mobile phones, then here are the simple ways to follow to keep your phones clean. Let’s check them out!


In order to clean your phones, you have to remove the back case and clean it as well. Remember while you are sanitizing your mobile phones, you have to clean both your mobile screen and the cover protecting it. Only then, you could say that your phone is sanitized thoroughly and is highly protected to use.

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If you are searching for the perfect cloth to clean your mobile phones, just go for a microfiber cloth as the friction between the cloth and the surface of your phone could help alleviate the dirt or infections stuffed in completely. Always fix to use a microfiber cloth as it would do great work disinfecting the bacteria.


Using a disinfecting wipe is the next step in sanitizing your phone and so you should never skip this anyway. Never excuse yourself from using a disinfecting wipe as it would do a great job of killing the germs. If in case, you do not have a disinfecting wipe, then you have to use another microfiber and soak it in a mixture of soap and water and squeeze out the water. Now, gently wipe away the overall surface of your phone and you must be careful to avert damaging the phone.


You could not wait to check and use your phones but you have to wait for it until it is thoroughly dried. Once you have sanitized your mobile phones, you have to make sure to leave them air dry at least for 5 minutes to make the sanitizing process complete.


When the process of drying up your phone is over, you just grab a clean paper towel and wipe off the whole surface of the phone. This step is useful to clean out the excess moisture if it is there. By now, you could use your phone without any panic about being prone to infections by using your mobile phones.

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