5 Most Effective Methods To Get Rid of Back Pain Quickly


Seemingly, Women might go through back pain often. It is really a great task for working women to handle both the official works and household chores. In this case, all women are “Wonder Women.” Women who succumb to back pain can now practice simple exercises to make them fade away. There is a better saying that “Prevention always better than cure.” Here are some exercises to follow up on. Make sure you practice it daily in your day to day to life.

Stretch it out: Peering into your mobile phones can lead to pain in your back. Over time, the use of mobile phones will stress your muscles along with your neck and which in turn impacts on spine. Now vanish the pain by bending your head slowly back, forward and each side does it three times. Yet another good move will be lying on your stomach with your hands on the floor by your chest. Press into your palms to lift your chest as far as it is comfortable. Hold for a few deep breaths, then come back to the start.

Hamstring Floor Stretch: This is another good move to practice. Lie on your back with knees bent and keep your feet flat on the floor and arms at your sides. Now, place your hands behind your thigh and slowly raise your leg and slowly raise your leg. Straighten it as much as you can until you feel the stretch is the back of your leg. Then, hold it for three seconds and do twice each leg and increase it.

Check your position all day: Now make sure that your ears are above your shoulders and now open your chest by pulling shoulder blades and slightly toward each other. So, you might avert the pain on your path.

Total Back Stretch: Now stand facing a table or any other object of height that is a few feet away. Bend your knees slightly and clasp the edge. Your body should form an L shape with arms straight and head level with the shoulders. Hold for 10 seconds. Next, stand up straight and place your left hand in front of your body with your elbow bent. Bend your right arm above your head as you lean your upper body gently to the left and then hold it for 10 seconds. Now repeat it as far as you can.

Go Sanguine: When you feel stressed, you might tighten your muscles. So, it triggers the pain and makes you feel worse. Now, all you have to do is involved in the things that will give you cheerfulness. Turn your heads to positivity which in turn suppresses the negativity within you. Thus, you feel better and prevent pains and anxiety

Do follow the simple exercises and feel better!  Be the ‘Wonder Woman” of your life!.

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