5 Super Powerful Health Benefits of Henna Leaves You Should Know


Henna or Mehandi is associated with the celebration mode. It comes with the Indian celebration of every wedding and it is the part of the traditional wedding which has been followed for centuries. Since henna contains the cooling property, it would provide you amazing sensation. Even people in the desert would use henna to cool down their bodies. Let’s check out the following healing properties of applying henna.

HELPS IN TREATING VARIETIES OF SKIN CONDITION: Traditionally, henna has been used as a coagulant for open wounds and a poultice to ease burns and eczema. Fresh leaves might be used to treat fungal or bacterial skin infections such as ringworm.

LOWERS PITTA IN THE MIND: Henna oil which is derived from henna is known to be used in India for several religious ceremonies and prayers. It is actually good for opening our psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and lowers anger as well as irritability.

GET RID OF HEADACHES: Did you know henna flowers cure headaches due to the heat of the sun? Well, a plaster made of henna flowers soaked in vinegar and when applied over the forehead, would alleviate the headaches.

TREATS ARTHRITIS PAIN: While henna is applied to the hands, it would relax the body through the cooling effect it has on the nerves. It would thus lower the inflammation which is caused by arthritis symptoms.

TREATS FEVER: When henna leaves are rolled into a ball with water and placed in the hand, it would help bring the temperature down.

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