6 Exceptional Ways to Make Human Waste Environmental Friendly


Probably, everyone might have known the recycling idea of human waste which proffers several benefits. Are we not going to talk about the exploitation of human waste when it is released into the environment? Well yes, it could create discomfort with the unpleasant odor and might even spread diseases. This is why the recycling process has been considered in a way it is highly human-friendly. However, they could never be as harmful as the chemicals being produced from the factories or companies. So, it might undergo more human-friendly way and then it would be used for the enhancement of the environment. As of now, let’s check out the different ways how human waste has been used eco-friendly as well as human-friendly.

USED AS FERTILIZER: This is one of the well-known benefits of human waste which most of you are familiar with. Human waste as a fertilizer could be used in farming to increase the production of food. However, it must be treated before the application on the farm. This treatment process is the collection of feces, urine, and water from the households and then it is digested by the bacteria. It would thus lower the number of pathogens thereby making it less stinky. The waste is used as a fertilizer because it contains the essential minerals for the plants.

USED IN MAKING BRICKS: Surprisingly, human waste could be used in making bricks. But how? Well, the incinerated sewage sludge ash is blended with vegetable oil to make the bricks. The bricks made from this natural combination are actually carbon-negative since the oil is taken from the plants it would drain out the carbon dioxide from the environment. This brick would be an eco-friendly one that is both lighter and stronger at the same time.

BIOGAS PRODUCTION: Human waste produces Methane gas which in turn is used to produce biogas. Biogas production could be highly used in generating electricity, cook food, and heat water for domestic and industrial purposes. When biogas is used as a renewable source, it would offer great advantages in several ways in an eco-friendly way.  It would be less harmful to the environment and even decreases deforestation since it helps produce energy. On the other hand, biogas could trap the methane present in the air as methane would be extremely harmful when merges with the atmosphere. It would even create damages to the ozone layer and so biogas is helpful in many ways.

USED IN MAKING FUEL: When it comes to developing countries, most people use biomass to cook. Meanwhile, human waste is heated under the sun as fuel and it would be the perfect counterpart for charcoal and even releases less carbon monoxide. The treatment of fecal waste by heating it under the sun in a container would lead to the production of fuel as it would get rid of any harsh pathogens.

USED AS A COSMIC RADIATION SHIELD: As when compared to life on Mars, it would be extremely harmful if anyone dared to visit it. This is because of the exposure to radiation from the cosmic rays. If humans are exposed to those harsh rays, it would increase the chance of cancer. So, human waste along with water and food could be used merged in bags and could be used as a cosmic radiation shield. To our surprise, it could be used in interplanetary travels.

GOOD SOURCE OF METALS: How many of you know that human feces could be a great source of gold, vanadium, silver, and copper? Well, gold from human feces is worth mining. The process of extraction of metals from the fecal waste would actually avert the release of toxic substances thereby becoming environment-friendly.

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