6 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why MORNING SEX Is Always The BEST SEX


Unbelievable Health Benefits of Having Sex In The Morning

Practice morning sex to own a healthy-happy brain!

Ante-Meridiem sex for your youthful life!

Trustful bonding is the most indispensable thing in a relationship. Hopefully, couples would try every opportunity to build their relationship stronger. Probably, morning sex is one of the most perfect opportunities to build up your bond. Generally, the brewing coffee might help you to start your day whereas getting into an A.M sex would develop the energy for the rest of the day.  Morning sex helps you to diminish your stress and enlivens your energy.  However, having a morning orgasm would enhance your mood and fortify your togetherness in life. It is healthy to inhabit sunrise sex almost every day to lead a healthy life.

PRODUCES  OXYTOCIN: Did you know that morning sex produces “cuddle hormone”? Yes! Oxytocin is otherwise known as the cuddle hormone. It is released when you have morning sex and it brings the couple together in the morning. Cuddle hormone or oxytocin is a good chemical present in the brain which helps in managing the love and the bonding.

ONE HELL OF WORKOUT: Frequently, we might have heard of indulging in morning sex as one of the most effective workouts. As per the studies, sex could help you to burn almost five calories each minute. Even though it is not equal to the sky-rocket workouts, morning sex would help you to burn your calorie in another way. This is how sex is considered to be one of the fruitful morning workouts.

LAST LONGER IN BED: More the testosterone, better is the sex. Yes, high testosterone levels will boost your partner’s libido and improve sexual function always.

HEALTHY FOR THE BRAIN: With morning sex, you could now boost up your brainpower. Several studies have exhibited that getting close to each other would let out a combination of neurotransmitters and hormones. Especially, it releases the happy hormone called dopamine which helps in providing good brain health and thinking.

LEVEL UP YOUR IMMUNITY: Scientifically, Vitamin C is helpful in producing immunity to the body.  When you get zestful in the morning, you would get the same immunity as per the studies. The sexual drive would activate the immunity to fight against bacteria, viruses and other germs.

PROFFERS YOUTHFUL LIFE: Have you ever known that orgasms can provide you the good healthy skin? Yes! Morning sex is a secret cue to lead a youthful life which makes you feel enthusiastic. It is believed that the release of oxytocin, endorphins and other anti-inflammatory molecules help you to look younger than your actual age.

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