7 Astonishing Health Benefits of Consuming Leeks


Known to be one of the popular veggies, Leeks have been used in local cuisine for years. While some of you are familiar with this particular veggie, some of you might not be aware of its existence. But when you all get to know about its nutritious content and its unbelievable health benefits, you would definitely include them in your diet. The presence of flavonoids, vitamins A, E, and K, and fibers and other compounds including potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron in veggie makes it a super-food to be enjoyed. Eating leeks would offer several health benefits from protecting the cardiovascular system to enhancing the health of skin and hair. So, let’s check out the following wonderful benefits of eating leeks.

BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: The presence of vitamin A is associated with the proper maintenance of the immune system thereby lowering the inflammation and reinforcing the body that combats infections. Especially, the vitamin E in leeks helps in decreasing the spreading of the pro-inflammatory molecules including cytokines.

ENHANCES THE HEALTH OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: Being one of the powerful green veggies, Leeks are loaded with vitamin B6 which is connected to the health of the nervous system. It would reduce fatigue and easing the symptoms of stress. Above all, manganese, vitamin C, and folate come together to help you concentrate thereby preventing tiredness.

PROMOTES HEALTHY DIGESTION: The rich fiber content of the veggie promises the proper digestion of your body by relieving constipation. Both soluble and insoluble fibers work in the proper functioning of the digestive system by offering good bowel movement.

GREAT FOR THE HEART’S HEALTH: Added to the heart-friendly foods, leeks have been doing their best for the health of the heart with the help of the folate which would be responsible to protect the blood vessel linings from damage. The high level of antioxidants, flavonoids, and kaempferol in leeks could reduce the chance of heart attacks and diseases.

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: Like other green veggies, leeks are helpful in weight loss as they are fat-free which makes your body stay in shape. It offers a satiating feel when you consumed and thus prevents you from binge-eating. Additionally, the rich protein content of leeks could do its part for those hitting the gym and for those looking to increase muscle mass.

IMPROVES THE VISION HEALTH: The invasion of free radicals would create damage to eyesight and vision. It could even lead to diseases related to the eye and age-related degeneration. While it is well-known that green leafy veggies could increase the health of your eyes, leeks could also come under this list to combat free radicals thereby improving eye health. This is possible because of the presence of vitamin C and antioxidants and even rich in carotene and lutein as that of carrots.

TREATS TYPE-2 DIABETES: Naturally, low in calories and low in glycemic index, leeks make its ways into the diabetes diet schedule. It is due to the presence of a good source of fibers, vitamin K, copper, and iron in leeks that made it perfect for type-2 diabetes patients to consume.

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