7 Silent Ways You Can Have A Super Secret Hot SEX


Silent sex facilitates intimacy and gives an extreme degree of pleasure and it can be thrilling

People do remember to involve in silent sex when they are staying out. In fact, indulging in the mute sex would portray the politeness of the people. More often, people have mute sex when they are living with roommates or a guest or their kids or staying out with friends. Having mute sex is a kind of courtesy that makes you feel good while involving sex as well as would not give an impression of culpability.  While sex on a regular basis makes your relationship stronger, the sex in silence would drag you to mood and builds the bond stronger than ever. Though wary sex is a must, it would never make you regret or disappointed. Having mentioned that mute sex is hyper, try to inhabit the following tips and how to handle with mute sex.

FLAVOR UP WITH OTHER SOUNDS: In order to avoid the attention of others, just turn on your favorite pleasant music which would not arise doubt amongst others. Even at nighttime, you could play melodious music or turn on your television which would help you to avoid bummer situations.  Still, you should be chary about your noise and enjoy your exciting mute sex.

SHOWER TOGETHER: Most people would enjoy showering together as it sounds lovey-dovey.  To avoid the noise, you could have sex in the shower as there is an added advantage of the volume of water. Nonetheless, you should also be careful to avoid slipping and falling as it causes serious injury.  So, shower together to avoid the attention of others.

CHOOSE FLOOR: When you are in the perky mood with your partner, your bed would give extreme sounds. Although beds are comfortable for somnolence, it is not that good for involving in silent sex. So, you should opt for the floor which is the best option by spreading a comfortable quilt.

SHIFT THE LOCATION: If you are perturbed at your own space, then you should change the location of your togetherness. While the vicinity of your room makes you jittery, shift your amorous location. For instance, you could choose a basement or playroom or a room on the upstairs which would literally be traversing the place in your own house. However, it could not help when you are staying at your friend’s or relative’s home. By shifting the location of your togetherness, you could avoid creating a suspicion of kids, relatives, or other guests in your home.

PROCEED WITH EYE CONTACT AND COMMUNICATE: One of the most essential things in building up a healthy relationship is having eye contact with each other. You could also put forth your preferences before indulging in sexual activities. It invigorates the feeling of the closeness as well as you feel liable.

CHOOSE NOSE BREATHING: Scientifically, breathing through your nose is healthy and assist in refreshing the body.  Rather than inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, it is good to breathe through your nose which offers calmness and lets you breathe deeply. Hence, it activates the diaphragm, abdomen and pelvic floor to shoot up the sensation.

GO UNRUSH: Handle slowly with a tantric sex form, which provides potent mutable sex. Locking your lips with each other is one of the ideal ways to cease sounds during sex. Thus, the silent movements would offer you with the enormous pleasure of togetherness.

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