8 Healthful Dry Fruits And Nuts To Incorporate In Your Diet For Weight Loss


Look slimmer with the help of a handful of dried fruits! Make it happen healthily!

Keeping track of your weight is essential if not it would lead to obesity. Obesity in turn would cause several health illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, and much more. If you look intensely, you would know that every problem starts from obesity or overweight which is why doctors would recommend you to lose weight whenever you go for a check-up. When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise would play a crucial role. If you start consuming dried fruits by including them in your every day, it would do its part in weight loss. Whenever you like to snack, you just simply munch on some nutritious snacks like dried fruits. The presence of essential nutrients such as fiber and antioxidants in the dried fruits would stimulate healthy metabolism and weight loss. But make sure to consume it at a moderate level. So, let’s check out some dried fruits which you should include in your diet if you wish to lose weight.

FIGS: Yet another amazing dried fruit is extremely nutritious especially high in fiber content. When you consume these dried fruits, it would lower the hankering for sugary items and stimulates metabolism. This would also be a healthy snacking option to munch as it is low in calories.

DATES: Even if dates are infused with carbohydrates, they are great for your weight loss journey if you take it in a moderate amount. The unsaturated fatty acids and a great protein source would lower the chance of weight gain whereas the presence of fiber would increase the metabolism thereby making your weight loss easier.

HAZELNUTS: The presence of healthy fats and high fiber content make hazelnuts to be one of the best-dried fruits for weight loss as it would lock the unwanted cravings. So, get your dose of hazelnuts every day.

PISTACHIO: How could you forget pistachio? Well, it could help you throughout your weight loss process as it is low in calories and high in fiber. The healthy fats in it could be the best option for snacking thereby it would make you satiated for a longer time while you intake a small amount of it.

ALMONDS: Like pistachio, almonds are great dried fruits that everyone could eat irrespective of age. The skin of this dried fruit is a rich source of fiber which in turn helps in lowering the weight thereby stimulating healthy bowel movement. With the help of magnesium and vitamin E, almonds would help maintain your body healthily as well as manages blood sugar levels.

CASHEW NUTS: A list of dried nuts is incomplete without cashew nuts as it is a popular one. When you consume it, it would make you full for a longer time and helps in shedding weight as it is packed with both protein and fiber which kick start your metabolism. Make sure not to take more than the moderate amount as it would lead to weight gain.

RAISINS: The presence of iodine in raisins would improve your digestion which would be useful in your weight loss process. The good news about this dried fruit is that it would make you look slim particularly for those with a slower metabolism. Well, raisins are great for heart health when you start consuming them regularly.

BLACK CURRANT: If you indulge in a workout every day, you could have a pre-workout snack as black currant which would provide you amazing energy and helps during the workout session and weight loss. The dietary fiber and low sugar content in black currant would make it a great option for both kids and adults. This dried fruit is available both in sweet and sour flavors and they are highly nutritious.

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